Happy Birthday, Baby


“Hi, baby. Hi, Benedict!”

Those were my first words to you last year. Yes. Last year. How fast time flies, huh. That cliche never mattered to me before until now. Every night, I kiss you good night, whisper I love you and listen to your peaceful breathing — for one whole year now. I didn’t even notice.

Everyday I look at you with new eyes, and seeing you grow up fast was both amazing and sad. Amazing at how can a tiny little bub, fitted on my chest has grown up so quickly — I’m even having a hard time carrying you now. And sad because yes, time flies so mighty fast I know one day you’ll be just my big baby who would refuse mommy’s sweet kisses. But I hope you don’t. I really hope you don’t, because mommy will always try to kiss you. smile emoticon

You have been daddy and mommy’s sweet miracle, our greatest gift. And everyday, every time we look at you, you remind us that you are our joy and our reason to strive for the best. Because yes dear baby, we would move earth and heaven just to give you the comfortable, secure life you deserve. All because we love you dearly — to the moon and back.

You may not remember your first birthday when you grow up, but we will. Always. Just as we would always remember all your birthdays to come. Because each new year is a reminder that God has gifted us a miracle, that God has gifted us our joy.

Happy birthday, baby. Happy birthday, Benedict. I love you so, so much. I hope you grow up to be a good man with a good heart. I know you will. I’m sure. Mommy just needs to give you her birthday wish. smile emoticon smile emoticon smile emoticon


Katleah & Denise’s Dainty DIY Wedding by Nicolai Melicor


It was some years ago when I first got to talk to today’s bride, Katleah. She asked me about the DIY project she was making and told me she’s preparing this for her wedding. Being the DIY aficionado that I am, I got excited for her and even researched bits to help her out. I told her I would love to feature her wedding someday.

Months ago they finally got married. Seeing the lovely wedding photos in her Facebook posts made my heart swell. She did it, I thought. And oh boy, she did well. Her DIYs were dainty, lovely and precious. I couldn’t help but feel proud for the outcome of all her hard work. I even showed the photos to my husband and told him, “She’s the girl who asked for DIY advice from me years ago.” (And yes Katleah, my husband thinks your bridal bouquet is priceless!)


I recently got an email from her again, and this time, it made me smile. She inquired if she can submit her wedding for feature.“Yes, of course,” I told her. I thought she’d never ask!

Here’s Katleah as she shares the anticipation, the challenges and the joys of preparing for one of the best days of her life:

“We’ve waited for this moment for 15 years. We only wanted our relationship to be blessed and have a simple celebration —and of course, as sensible parents, we targeted to pull off a beautiful, reasonably budgeted wedding. Thus, we decided to invite the people who have been witnesses and big part of our partnership – from the young love struggles, early parenthood, and maturity to engagement (FINALLY).


“The wedding planning has been a bit overwhelming at first – there were lots of color motifs, gown pegs, reception styling pegs etc etc,; then we found ourselves lost on what we really want. My Pinterest was a mess! Thus, I want to thank you again for the guidance, help and advice you gave me and the other brides – I would never forget that you’re the first person whom I asked for feedback regarding my first tries of DIYs and you have helped me A LOT! Your blog, your ideas and advices helped us a lot in narrowing down what we really want. The thing that worked for us is to stick with the basics, keep everything simple and classy – and make sure it perfectly reflects our personality.


“We are more than happy on how our special day turned out. We kept it classic and incorporated something new through our DIYS – bouquets, bouts, wedding accessories, canvass bag design by the bride (yours truly); flower girl, mini bride gown and canvass bags by the bride’s mom; gold table numbers and other reception decors (including the couple’s couch) by the groom.

“and YES, we pulled it off! (Despite the challenge of being pregnant and on bed rest months before the wedding) – Nothing is impossible if you put your heart on it. We got the wedding day that we’ve always dreamed of and more – we would never want it any other way! The whole day was filled with laughter and happy tears. We will forever be grateful to God, to our family and friends, to our suppliers and to everyone who have been and will be a part of our wonderful adventure.”


Make sure to ready your Pinterest cherries, because this beautiful bespoke wedding was captured by the incredibly talented Nicolai Melicor!  It’s going to be one big pretty-fest! Enjoy!












































The Photo Gallery:

  • 1NM_6538
  • 1NM_6543
  • 1NM_6545
  • 1NM_6549
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The Dream Team:

Photography: Nicolai Melicor | Videography and back-up Photography: 24 Frames Wedding Films and Photography | Ceremony Venue: Parish of the Hearts of Jesus and Mary | Reception Venue: Village Patio | Emcee: Darlene Tan-Salazar | Gown and Suit designer: Paolo Blanco | OTD Coordinator: Rio De Guzman (Dazzle Events Management) | Entourage gowns: De Lykz Creation | HMUA: Ria De Guzman | Invites: 101 Folkstreet | Caterer: Tarlaquena | Mobile bar: Candy Club Party Couture | Pritchon: Charlie’s | Flowers: DIY by Blush Brights | All other wedding related help, inspiration and support: W@W, The Wedding Tip SheetCherryblossoms and Faeriewings

Jewel & Mike’s Morning Farm Wedding by The Perfect Grey Photography


I love morning weddings. To me, they are everything that’s light, refreshing, tranquil, and new — just like a brand new day. Can anything be more poetic than beginning your journey to forever at the start of a new day?

Today’s wedding resonates so much aesthetic and poetic beauty. It’s everything falling in the right spots; it’s everything that fits well; it’s everything what a perfect day looks like. The ceremony and reception held at Sta. Elena Farm was how I imagined an intimate, rustic farm wedding should be. And I love how The Perfect Grey Photography was able to capture the serenity, the beauty and the overflowing love that day. It’s almost like magic. It is that captivating.

I love how they put into words the lovely wedding of Mike and Jewel. The Perfect Grey shares, “Mike and Jewel’s wedding was a quiet and simple one. From the time we started shooting the preps, it was just them in this cute house at Madie’s Place. Mike got to enjoy his breakfast by the porch and Jewel had a no-fuss dressing up. It was as relaxed as can be. The ceremony at Sta. Elena Farm was very intimate and the rececption too, still, they didn’t leave the details unattended, with everything converging into a raw, rustic farm wedding. The stuff that you love, are the stuff that we love too!”

Mike + Jewel Wedding 1

Mike + Jewel Wedding 7

Mike + Jewel Wedding 2

Mike + Jewel Wedding 8

Mike + Jewel Wedding 15

Mike + Jewel Wedding 12

Mike + Jewel Wedding 5

Mike + Jewel Wedding 9

Mike + Jewel Wedding 11

Mike + Jewel Wedding 13

Mike + Jewel Wedding 18

Mike + Jewel Wedding 16

Mike + Jewel Wedding 17

Mike + Jewel Wedding 22








The Photo Gallery:

  • Mike + Jewel Wedding 22
  • Mike + Jewel Wedding 21
  • Mike + Jewel Wedding 20
  • Mike + Jewel Wedding 19
  • Mike + Jewel Wedding 18
  • Mike + Jewel Wedding 17
  • Mike + Jewel Wedding 16
  • Mike + Jewel Wedding 15
  • Mike + Jewel Wedding 14
  • Mike + Jewel Wedding 13
  • Mike + Jewel Wedding 12
  • Mike + Jewel Wedding 11
  • Mike + Jewel Wedding 10
  • Mike + Jewel Wedding 9
  • Mike + Jewel Wedding 8
  • Mike + Jewel Wedding 7
  • Mike + Jewel Wedding 6
  • Mike + Jewel Wedding 5
  • Mike + Jewel Wedding 4
  • Mike + Jewel Wedding 3
  • Mike + Jewel Wedding 2
  • Mike + Jewel Wedding 1
  • madies-garden-sta-elena-farm-wedding-the-perfect-grey-wedding-photographer-philippines-1142
  • madies-garden-sta-elena-farm-wedding-the-perfect-grey-wedding-photographer-philippines-1125
  • madies-garden-sta-elena-farm-wedding-the-perfect-grey-wedding-photographer-philippines-1123
  • madies-garden-sta-elena-farm-wedding-the-perfect-grey-wedding-photographer-philippines-1024
  • madies-garden-sta-elena-farm-wedding-the-perfect-grey-wedding-photographer-philippines-1013
  • madies-garden-sta-elena-farm-wedding-the-perfect-grey-wedding-photographer-philippines-0968
  • madies-garden-sta-elena-farm-wedding-the-perfect-grey-wedding-photographer-philippines-0911
  • madies-garden-sta-elena-farm-wedding-the-perfect-grey-wedding-photographer-philippines-0890
  • madies-garden-sta-elena-farm-wedding-the-perfect-grey-wedding-photographer-philippines-0778
  • madies-garden-sta-elena-farm-wedding-the-perfect-grey-wedding-photographer-philippines-0679
  • madies-garden-sta-elena-farm-wedding-the-perfect-grey-wedding-photographer-philippines-0632
  • madies-garden-sta-elena-farm-wedding-the-perfect-grey-wedding-photographer-philippines-0586


The Dream Team:

Photography: The Perfect Grey Photography | Ceremony & Reception Venue: Sta. Elena Farm