Cath & Marc’s Mint and Blush Wedding by NOSAJ Photography


It is a sunny day today, and summer is almost here. So I thought, what better way to share with you the glorious sunshine I am enjoying than give you a wedding that reminds you of all things summer-y!

Marc and Cath chose pretty pastels as their wedding colors, and not that I am partial to this palette — ehem — but their choice of mint green and blush pink are such classic choices and will always be a personal favorite. :)

Set amongst the lush greens of cool Tagaytay, this couple treated their guests with joyous and fun memories which I’m sure everyone still remembers ’til now, and it’s such a delight that Jason Angcao of NOSAJ Photography was able to capture this wedding so vividly.

Every photo speaks of warmth, joy and wonderful colors that will surely fill your day with goodness!














And to make things even better, here’s the groom Marc to share with us their love story:

“Cathrine and I have known each other for a very long time.  She was my classmate when I transferred in Canossa when we were in Grade 1 and school mates until 4th Year high school. What I’ve remembered, she was already my crush when we were in Grade 5. But of course I didn’t do anything because I didn’t know what to do — how to court a girl. During high school I was a nerd, no love life or I don’t care about girls at that time, I spend my time building and fixing computers.

During college, we became good friends — we were in one peer group. We go out, drink sometime — you know, what a typical peer group would do. I started to like her again after college. So when we are already working, every time there is a party in Cathrine’s house, when she invited us we are always there. And I always come.”



“When I went to Singapore I was alone and have no one to talk to. While going to work I started texting Cath asking how’s life, what are you doing, how’s Sta. Rosa, and how is she. December 2012 when it became frequent that we are always talking to each other — sharing stories, plans in the future, etc. I think I started courting her in January 2013 and I’ve sent her a flower during Valentine’s thru her best friend which is also in our peer group.

I went back to the Philippines in  March 11-19 2013 (not sure if it’s 11 or 12). On March 12-13th we went to a resort in Batangas and she surprised me for my birthday. March 15 we went out for a date in Nuvali, and March 16, I asked her to be my girlfriend and she said yes. By time we were happy, we have plans and we always talk thru Facetime and Viber.

Everything was going so fine that time and when I went back to the Philippines in August 2013, I popped the question and ask her to marry me… And she said yes! That was the greatest day of my life. That moment was the perfect time to ask her. I was so in love with her, you know that feeling that I haven’t ask her the question but I know it’s a yes already, I felt her love for me even we are far from each other, that’s one of the amazing things why  I love Cathrine. And another one is I know she’s always there to listen and she always cares.”


“Then after the proposal we started wedding planning.  The wedding planning was the first test in our relationship. Yes we fight sometimes, but the funny thing is how the fight ends. One of us would stop talking and listen and after a few hour we’re OK again. The “pamamanhikan” happened on a Christmas day in their house along with her relatives, my parents were the only present to our pamamanhikan as most of my relatives are in the province or abroad.”


“It all happened so fast and I’m so happy from the day I’ve known her till now.”


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The Dream Team:

Photography: Jason Angcao of Nosaj Photography | Videography: One Love Photography | Church: Chapel On The Hill | Officiating Priest: Fr. Allen de Guzman | Preparation Venue: Bali Village Hotel | Reception Venue: Bali Village Hotel | Church & Entourage Flowers: Loi Floral Sense by Serge Igonia | Bridal & Mothers Gown: Mel Orlina Couture By Mel Orlina | Bridal Shoes: Blue By Betsey Johnson | Grooms Suit: Onésimus | Grooms Shoes: Pedro | Grooms Belt: Hermes | Fathers Suits, Entourage Gown & Suits: Ms. Edith Apparel | OTD Coordinator: Imbitado Events | Emcee: Ayie Contreras-Tuates of Imbitado Events | HMUA: Cherry Joy Virata-Jimenez of CJ Jimenez Make-up Artist | Strings: String Colours Ensemble | Bridal Car: 1932 Studebaker from Don Robert’s | Souvenirs: Photobooth & 3D Bagtags from CLIP Photography | Invitation Suite: Let Agnes Be Design Studio by Agnes Pingol | Photobooth & 3D Bag Tag Layout: The Pretty Palette by OJ | Wood Signs, Missalette & Wish Tree Tags: Chasing Dreams Events by Leigh Esguerra | Unity Coins: c/o W@W Auction | Unity Candles, Cord, Pillows: Princessweds | Wedding Rings: Orodiam | Engagement Ring: Goldheart | Caterer & Reception Stylist: Isaak Catering & Events | Lights & Sounds: Waveforce | Wedding Cake: Springglaze | 3D Cupcake: Decobake | Kokeshi Cake Topper: Handmade by Khristine by Khristine Pact | Boutonnière: Happy Girl Co by Kate Navarro | Principal Sponsors Gift: Rose Cactus by Bong Bong’s Garden | Male Principal Sponsors Gift: Necktie by Tieline, and Cufflinks from eBay | Female Principal Sponsors & MOH Gift: Charm Bracelet by Envy | Female Entourage Gift: Earrings, Ring & Earphone Plug from eBay | Male Entourage Gift: Suspenders, Necklace & Cufflinks from eBay | Gift Container: Mini Travel Suitcase from Beau-coup | 3D Standee: Pinwheel Crafts | Personalized Hangers: Melafied | Personalized Paper Bag: Memz Shop | Personalized Bridal Car Plate: Zandy Star | Crew Meal: Packed Gourmet | Support Group: W@W

Confessions of a New Mom


“And she loved a little boy very much even more than she loved herself.”

- Shel Silverstein, The Giving Tree

I’m a new mom. A mom. Mom. I’ve been saying that word for days, I still quite can’t believe I am one now. It’s like I’m dazed, still trapped in twilight zone, trying to fathom this whole new chapter, this new responsibility, this new life we have created. I am in awe.


I thought motherhood was easy. I thought I would be a natural. I mean, why not? I was created for this. So I was kinda expecting that mom-hood will be a walk in the park, easy breezy, cotton candy clouds, a piece of cake adventure for me. But no, it was not. Motherhood is hard work.

I tried to remember all the mommy talks I had with other moms, the blogs I’ve read online — did I really miss the warning signs that motherhood is hard? No, I don’t think so. All I remember were the talks about cutesy onesies and littlest PJs, the little baby thingamajings they say I should start buying, and their endless gushing on how babies are perfect, adorable little bundles of joy. All the talks made me believe that motherhood is nirvana, a perfect haven where everything went smooth sailing.

Oh boy, I was wrong.

Nobody warned me that newborns feed every 2 hours, so any semblance of sleep is well, more like a dream come true for new moms.

Nobody talked about how they would cry inches from your face when your breast milk is not enough, and that you would end up frustrated with yourself for not being able to provide enough. That nipples would be sore, cracked — heaven forbid, even bleeding — because your little angel couldn’t get the correct latch (and geez! Nobody even taught you about the “correct latch”!).

Nobody talked about postpartum depressions, as if they are only figments of imagination and do not exist in real life, so you end up feeling more bad for yourself because you ended up suffering from one. That there will be nights that you will cry out of nothing, for no reason. That small things will agitate you, and the fact that you can’t just leave the house whenever will drive you real, real mad.

Nobody warned me of these things. And for a time, because I experienced and felt these things, I thought, am I a bad mother? Am I doing it all wrong?

Motherhood is hard work. But every time I look at my son, and see his bubbly, chubby cheeks, his cute darling dimple on his right cheek that appears every time he smiles, every time I watch the rhythmic heaves on his dainty chest as he breathes, and every time he looks at me with his sharp, steady eyes, I feel peace.

Motherhood maybe hard work but he is my reward. This perfect, adorable little bundle of joy has stolen my heart the moment he cried his first cry, had me captivated the moment he breathe his first breath in this world, and had me enamored the first time he looked at me when I called on him, “Hi baby! Hi Benedict!”. I have never felt this tremendous amount of love for anyone but him. And yes, I love him more than myself.

I may be far from being the epitome of an ideal mother, but everyday, I try to be the best mother for him.

Everyday I try a little harder. Everyday I try to give more. Everyday I try to be better.

Color Series #22 : Marsala + Blush + Sage

Happy New Year, cherries! It’s been quite a long time since I posted a color palette so I’ve decided to make one and have it as my first post for the year. And to make it extra special, I’m using Pantone’s 2015 Color of the Year — Marsala — as the main color in this luxurious palette.

Described by Pantone to emanate sophistication and natural earthiness, Marsala’s earthy tone will surely bring subtle, sultry glamour to weddings this year. Because it is already rich and full-bodied, I’ve decided to combine this hue with softer shades in order to neutralize its warm vibe with cooler, more subdued tones.

Color Series #22 - Marsala + Blush + Sage

Photo source (from top left to right) : Floral table centerpiece, Reem Acra blush wedding dress, Pink crystal ankle strap heel sandals, Flower heart, Formal table setting

I love how Marsala create such beautiful contrast among softer shades, so my favorite detail in the mood board must be this romantic, dainty flower heart.

Flower Heart

Photography by Elizabeth Messina via Kelly Sauer