14 Alternative Wedding Heels You’ll Love

Sophia Webster1

Photo Source: Style Me Pretty | Pink Hearts Pumps by Sophia Webster

It’s almost December. Everything about December reminds me of joy and bliss — Christmas time, wedding season, OUR wedding anniversary — to name a few. Oh. And Christmas shopping — which I’m sure everyone’s busy about these days. I thought I might as well look for something we all love about. And what’s that? Shoes! Who doesn’t love shoes, right?

So, shoes. Wedding shoes. I’ve always believed that when choosing wedding shoes, you’ve got to have the right mix of fab and practicality. They have to be wedding-pretty and can be worn afterwards. If you don’t intend to place these beauties in a museum or place them under glass casings, they’ve got to be practical enough to be paired with whatever’s in your wardrobe for after-use.

To help you decide and to give you an idea or two, I browsed the net, looked into various online shops (these online shops are addicting, I tell you, I’m thinking of buying heels from Zalora!) and selected the prettiest, most eye-catching alternative wedding heels there are. You read that right. Alternative wedding heels. You won’t find here the usual white slash beige slash cream wedding shoes brides often wear. It’s hard enough to rock your wedding in heels, might as well go all out and choose something that screams attention. Don’t worry, you’re entitled to it. You’re the bride!

Make sure your Pinterest is on because you’ll be needing it in the next seconds… Ready? Pin away!


Photo Source: The Knot | Dainty Floral Pair by J. Crew


Lovestruck Pumps by BHLDN

Zalora Heels 3

Photo Source: Zalora | Summer Style Pumps by Dolce and Gabbana

Jimmy Choo

Photo Source: Elizabeth Anne Designs | Colorful Sparkly Heels by Jimmy Choo

Badgely Mischka

Photo Source: Style Me Pretty | Feathery Pumps by Badgley Mischka

Kate Spade

Photo Source: Bloomingdale’s | Pink Polka Pumps by Kate Spade


Colorful Jeweled Heels by Christian Louboutin


Photo Source: 100 Layer Cake | Nautical Striped Heels by J. Crew


The Carrie Shoes by Manolo Blahnik

Ruffled Heels

Photo Source: Style Me Pretty | Pink Ruffled Heels by Badgley Mischka

Velvet Shoes

Photo Source: Style Me Pretty | Burgundy Velvet Heels by Badgley Mischka


Photo Source: Wedluxe | Pretty in Pink Pumps by Valentino

Vintage Mary Jane

Vintage Mary Janes from Deer Pear Flowers

Vivienne Westwood1

Photo Source: Wedding Chicks | Heart Shoes by Vivienne Westwood


Shiela & Carlo’s Colorful Cavite Wedding by Reflective Chemistry


I always love a wedding splashed in colors. With the right mix of vibrant hues, you can make your wedding vibe as cheery and fun as it can be!

Today’s lovely couple, Carlo and Shiela, decided to treat guests with so much eye-candy there’s no room for gloom. Showered in pretty shades of pinks, blues, yellows, purples and greens, this wedding is not just charming to look at, but is a rich source of happy little details to take inspiration from. From the bright hues of the bridesmaid hand-made bouquets, the lively prints on the invites, the pinwheels used in the photo shoot, up to the many colorful treats in the reception, this rainbow themed wedding shows us that colors can work for us if properly curated.

And oh, the sparse use of burlap here and there helped tone everything down. Balance. A colorful wedding that is rightfully balanced.


We’re in luck that Reflective Chemistry was so keen in taking lovely snaps at Carlo and Shiela’s special day. No pretty little detail was spared, no smile was left out of sight. Everything is captured here. Feast your eyes, don’t say I didn’t warn you… this wedding is too pretty!











































The Photo Gallery:

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  • choyshiela009
  • choyshiela010
  • choyshiela011
  • choyshiela012
  • choyshiela013
  • choyshiela014
  • choyshiela015
  • choyshiela016
  • choyshiela017
  • choyshiela018
  • choyshiela019
  • choyshiela020
  • choyshiela021
  • choyshiela022
  • choyshiela023
  • choyshiela024
  • choyshiela025
  • choyshiela026
  • choyshiela027
  • choyshiela028
  • choyshiela029
  • choyshiela030
  • choyshiela031
  • choyshiela032
  • choyshiela033
  • choyshiela034
  • choyshiela035
  • choyshiela036
  • choyshiela037
  • choyshiela038
  • choyshiela039
  • choyshiela040
  • choyshiela041
  • choyshiela042
  • choyshiela044
  • choyshiela045
  • choyshiela046
  • choyshiela047
  • choyshiela048
  • choyshiela049
  • choyshiela050
  • choyshiela052
  • choyshiela053
  • choyshiela054
  • choyshiela055
  • choyshiela056
  • choyshiela057
  • choyshiela058
  • choyshiela059
  • choyshiela060
  • choyshiela061
  • choyshiela062
  • choyshiela063
  • choyshiela064
  • choyshiela065
  • choyshiela066
  • choyshiela067
  • choyshiela068
  • choyshiela069
  • choyshiela070
  • choyshiela071
  • choyshiela072
  • choyshiela073
  • choyshiela074
  • choyshiela075
  • choyshiela076
  • choyshiela077
  • choyshiela078
  • choyshiela079
  • choyshiela080
  • choyshiela081
  • choyshiela082
  • choyshiela083
  • choyshiela084
  • choyshiela085
  • choyshiela086
  • choyshiela087
  • choyshiela088
  • choyshiela089
  • choyshiela090
  • choyshiela091
  • choyshiela092
  • choyshiela093
  • choyshiela094
  • choyshiela096
  • choyshiela098
  • choyshiela099
  • choyshiela100
  • choyshiela101
  • choyshiela102
  • choyshiela103
  • choyshiela105
  • choyshiela108
  • choyshiela109

The Dream Team:

Photography & Videography: Drew & Czy of Reflective Chemistry | Preps: Teofely’s Garden, Silang, Cavite | Ceremony: San Antonio de Padua, Silang, Cavite | Reception: Teofely’s Garden, Silang, Cavite | HMUA: Mj Viernez-Delizo / Jhera Fadol | Bouquets & Styling and Partial Coordination: Social Happenings Event Specialist | Caterer: Teofely’s Garden | Groom’s Suit: Edwin Dominguez | Bridal Gown: Billy dela Torre | Cake: Lyn Almendrala | Cupcakes: Candy Cariaga of Candy’s Sweet Bites | Mobile Bar: GQ Mobile Bar | Bridal Car: Casa de Carlos | Photobooth: Jeffrey Cariaga | Calligraphy: Calligrafikas

Unfiltered Beauty: The Boudoir Dolls Photography

The Boudoir Dolls

Photography by Metrophoto

It’s great to be reminded that you are beautiful, but it’s greater to be able to acknowledge and celebrate the raw, natural beauty within you. This feeling is not just empowering, it’s revolutionary.

Late last month, a new kind of celebration of beauty and power was born, as the country’s first all-women boudoir photography experts — The Boudoir Dolls — was formally launched. Celebrating all kinds of women in different shapes, backgrounds and sizes during significant moments in their life, they aim to capture and manifest a woman’s sense of self, trials and triumphs through classy, well-taken images. What greater way to showcase romance, rawness and revelation than this, right?

Beyond being a photography service, Boudoir Dolls is a community of women who empower each other. Clients are presented with an all-woman group of photographers in the Philippines and in Asia to cater to their fellow women, creating beautiful images that each tell a significant story, as seen in The Boudoir Dolls’ distinct roster of photography services:

Boudoir You

It’s highlighting the woman’s beauty and power as purely herself: women who have undergone trials through the form of unexpected life shifts and illnesses rise from these tribulations and reveal her new and better persona.

Boudoir Bride

The woman’s journey of finding, losing, and rediscovering love is tenderfully translated into photographs, ushering her from the life of singledom, solitary existence and heartbreak to her new role as a lover, partner and wife.

Boudoir Bump

They say that in the ultimate scheme of things, becoming a mother is one of the most significant experiences a woman will have. Pictures that capture her in the challenging yet blissful in-between stage of pregnancy are poignant and profoundly heartwarming.

Watch their story — YOUR story — unfold through this one-of-a-kind visual poetry by The Boudoir Dolls.