Jessica & Chintan’s Sparkly Portland Wedding by Powers Photography Studios


There’s something about sparkly things that make my heart leap with joy. So imagine my excitement when today’s wedding landed in my inbox. Sparkly wedding? Oh yes!

After holding a very large traditional wedding in India, couple Chintan and Jessica made sure to hold an intimate, low key wedding upon returning home to Portland, Oregon. The day started with a civil ceremony at the County Courthouse, followed by a romantic pedicab tour around the city (recreating the same pose and photo they had when they first met 7 years ago!), and finally returned home to their newly built house where they celebrated with family and friends. Guests enjoyed a selection of popcorn and donut treats, followed by dinner of savory grilled sandwiches from local food trucks.


Some of my favorite details in the wedding include the bride Jessica’s gorgeous custom made lace gown (adorned with gold embellishments), her shimmering gold Louboutins and gold sequined Chucks for the reception. Love!



Paying homage to Chintan’s ancestry + considering her contemporary taste, Jessica also chose a nontraditional jeweled brooch bouquet, decorated with India’s national bird — the peacock. Her husband Chintan even wore a similarly designed jeweled boutonniere!



The bride Jessica shares, “For our American wedding, just a few weeks following the large Indian wedding, we wanted something small and simple with just friends. Since neither of us are Christian, the idea of a church wedding was already out. There’s always been something sweet and romantic about the notion of getting married at the courthouse. The day was informal, fun, and simple, which is just what we needed after spending a month in India.”


“I am not a DIYer, but many of the details were from Etsy designers and shops. I also surprised my husband by having a brick placed in downtown Portland’s Pioneer Square. You can purchase a permanent brick in what’s dubbed Portland’s living room. It read “J+C 4.1.16.””


And her advice to future brides? “Prioritize making time to spend with just your husband on your wedding day! After all, that’s what it’s really about.”


I love how this wedding was simple yet was able to highlight significant details in Jessica and Chintan’s lives. Plus, all the glitter and sparkly details really, really wowed me. So great that Powers Photography Studios was there to document the love and capture all the personalized deets of this wedding. Enjoy the rest of the lovely photos!

















The Photo Gallery:

The Dream Team:

Photography: Powers Photography Studios | Ceremony Venue: Multnomah County Courthouse (Portland, Oregon USA) | Reception Venue: The couple’s custom built home (they moved in four days prior to the wedding) | Dress: Custom couture from Embellish Designs | Make-up: Melanie Lindsey of Picasso Artistic Salon | Hair: Melanie Lindsey of Picasso Artistic Salon | Shoes: Christian Louboutin for the ceremony, gold sequin Converse for the reception | Accessories: Custom 24k necklace/earring set from Mumbai, the gold bracelet was the “something borrowed and something old” and was lent by the bride’s best friend Erin Smith (it was her mother’s, and her mother wore it at her own wedding 40 years ago) | Groom’s Suit: Custom made in Mumbai | Stationery: Adorn Invitations | Cake: Dream Cakes | Food: Display from Voodoo Doughnuts and two food trucks for catering on site (PBJs Grilled and Koi Fusion) | Flowers: Brooch Bouquet custom made from Secret Garden Bouquets


Storytelling and Smiles by Peach Frost Studio

Peach Frost 5

In all the years that I have been browsing local and global weddings, there’s this certain photography (and videography) style that always hits home — a beautiful mix of keen eye to awe-inspiring details + timeless snaps of loving moments. Because while I love Pinterest-worthy wedding details, I love it sooo much when those seemingly fleeting happy moments are forever captured in photos and film — that stolen glance, the soft smiles and whispers, those happy tears, and yes, the first kiss. These rare moments happening on your special day are the very reasons your wedding becomes heartfelt, intimate and real.

And as I always, always say it here, it’s very important to choose your photo and video team wisely because these moments, once passed, are forever gone. So make sure to invest in the right people who can capture the beauty and love on your big day.

Peach Frost 11

Peach Frost 4

Peach Frost Studio, composed of a husband and wife duo, loves to tell stories though photographs and film. Cheska captures the stills while her husband is in charge of capturing the motion. The first time I get to browse their shots, I immediately loved how they capture details. They do it in an artistic yet simple way, making each shot crisp and clutter-free. But when I continued to browse their works, I noticed that they also love to capture smiles and those sweet, magical moments that happen only in weddings.

Peach Frost 12

Peach Frost 1

Peach Frost 3

What makes this two so special is that, they not only love what they do, but they also fill each other’s holes. They have perfected a way to work in harmony, supplying what the other lacks. And their favorite part of the wedding? The personal vows. It never fails to give them a boost to see how in love their couples are. They find every wedding they capture rewarding.

Peach Frost 6

Peach Frost 14

Peach Frost 9

Peach Frost 8

Peach Frost 10

Peach Frost 13

So if you’re looking for a photographer + videographer who can capture both lovely details + loving moments in a subtle yet moving way, then check out Peach Frost Studio work today and see if they are your perfect fit.

Contact no. : 09999361564 / 09298693390
Instagram: peachfroststudio
Whatsapp: 00639999361564

Bespoke Wedding Invitations by Basic Invite

basic_invite_32 copy

Wedding invitations and stationery can immediately set the vibe of your wedding. As soon as you send these to your guests, they already get the idea of what the tone and feel they will be expecting on your big day. Whether you go for a theme that’s rustic or quirky, vintage or modern, it’s super important that your invites communicate this clearly.

basic_invite_15 copy

So thrilled to share with you that Basic Invite, a small and passionate team of invitations geniuses, has been creating and customizing invitations and stationery since 2006. They’ve been in this industry for so long that they have already come up with so many options and innovations using technology to create that bespoke wedding invitation for you.

I have rounded up 7 awesome reasons why you should consider Basic Invite as the perfect wedding invitations partner:

1.  They offer over 180 color options on each and every invitation design.

basic_invite_bridal_1 copy

That’s a lot. When you are meticulous and want things spot on, having lots and lots of options in colors is a big plus. So suit yourself and mix match colors to find the color palette you want!

2.  Instant preview of all the designs with your information.

basic_invite_23 copy

So you want to see how your invitation would look like, right? Valid. I would l-o-v-e that option too! Basic Invite lets you instantly preview the invitation with your information and colors, even the designs with beautiful script fonts. How cool is that?! Very! It’s great to be able to see exactly what the invites would look like once they’re printed.

3.  Option to design a cohesive look across all of your wedding items.

basic_invite_26 copy

The thing with weddings is that there are other stationery items you need. With Basic Invite, you have the option to use the design, colors and font you have on your Wedding Invitation to your other wedding items like Save the Date Cards, Stacked Enclosure Cards, Pocket Folders, Colored Envelopes, Envelope Liners, Wedding Programs, and Thank You Cards.

4.  You can sample your entire wedding suite.

basic_invite_63 copy

You can order a Truly Custom™ sample with your names, photos, and colors. Oh, you can even sample your entire wedding suite! This option will save you money as it will let you see and experience first hand a sample of your actual invitation before you order dozens of copies.

5.  The peel & seal envelopes will save you countless time.

Ombre-1000 copy

No need to lick lots of envelopes, no need for glues. Their peel and seal envelopes will save you that much precious time you need.

6.  New real gold and silver foil invitations, brand new Guest Books, and real wood invitations coming soon!

basic_invite_59 copy

I’m quite excited for their upcoming products specially the real gold foil invitations! Oh, just to add that much needed sparkle! Or if you’re having a rustic theme, their real wood invitations would be a superb wedding detail. They will be releasing these brand new invitations soon, so make sure to check back for those!

7.  Discounts!

basic_invite_54 copy

Now, don’t we all love this? They currently have 15% off everything on their site. Use code 15FF51 at checkout to get the discount. Sweet, right?

Now, go! Visit their site here and start creating your bespoke wedding invitation! ♥

Belle & Sam’s Boheme Guimaras Wedding by Love Train Studios


If you’ve been missing the sun like I do, brighten up because your day is about get better! Today’s lovely two, Sam and Belle, had the most relaxed bohemian wedding in the beautiful island of Guimaras and I’m totally floored!

I love how they utilized homegrown materials in their wedding details, making everything look so chic, so authentic and warm. Here’s a run through of what I love, love, love: the sea-washed logs used as seats during ceremony, the coconut leaves that styled the aisle, the tie dye designs in the tepee and throw pillow covers, the coconut husks + ferns + florals as centerpieces, the dream catchers, and the use of lots and lots of macramé. What a total bohemian beach wedding paradise!


The bride Belle looked equally breathtaking in her two-piece lace wedding dress + flower crown making her the ultimate boho bride. ♥


Thanks to Love Train Studios for all the swoon-worthy photos! Cheers to a lovely day! Enjoy!































The Photo Gallery:

The Dream Team:

Photography: Love Train Studios |  Ceremony and Reception Venue: Tatlong Pulo, Guimaras | Hair & Make-up: The bride Belle |  Wedding & Reception Dress/ Shoes: The bride Belle |  Stylist/Florist: Anna J. Creative Boutique |  Calligraphy Artist: Denise Marie Silva of |  Caterer/Lights/Sounds: Mango Terrace Pension | Cake: Nich Salibio-Taninas



JL & Francis’s Bespoke Rustic Wedding by Jess Panajon

Francis & JL Wedding_Jess Panajon 27

I have a soft spot for rustic themed weddings. I love how this theme focuses on natural look and works well with simple accents. The simplicity that this theme brings enhances the beauty that a wedding celebration requires yet highlights the love that’s being celebrated that day… because we don’t want a plethora of decorations to steal the scene in your wedding, do we? Just the same, rustic weddings can bring out the DIY savviness in us, giving us plenty of opportunities to incorporate bespoke, handmade items as decorations.

So thrilled that today’s bride JL knew this and had the most meaningful DIY rustic wedding there is! Equally thankful that the very talented Jess Panajon was there to document everything! All you have to do is take a peek on all the photos and the simplicity of this wedding shines through! No make-up, no rings, no frills. Just a solemn day to celebrate love.

Francis & JL Wedding_Jess Panajon 10

Here’s the bride JL as she shares all the love…

“We me at a boarding house in Mandaluyong, January of 2006 during our senior year in Jose Rizal University. Housemates, then friends then a bit more than that after several months. There wasn’t any proposal. He was already in the UAE. So our life became the chat room mostly Whatsapp sometimes Facebook occasionally Skype. One time (at band camp), we were chatting and I just asked him what his plans were. He enumerated them and just casually slipped in “get married in 2016”. And I likewise casually replied “Ok”.”

“I have always preferred a small, intimate wedding (he, on the other hand wanted the opposite, but I won that argument). We did however agreed on one thing: it’s going to be simple yet different. We wanted it to be relaxed and comfortable, just an extra special day of our lives with our families and closest friends where one need not stand on ceremony. And so we decided on a rustic theme. I’m very meticulous and a stickler for detail. So we opted for a DIY. I don’t trust just anyone for my “wedding squad”. I picked a handful of my students to help me. Pinterest saved our asses. Research, research and more research. From centerpieces, to flowers, flower arrangements, wedding favors, invitation etiquette, what-to-do and what-not-to-do lists, they were all there, they were all handpicked. That’s why they were personal, very personal. And that’s the reason they’re extraordinary.”

Francis & JL Wedding_Jess Panajon 28

“If I were to choose a tad more defining moment amongst others in the wedding, I guess that would be the time we were pronounced as husband and wife. There were like a band playing inside my head, fireworks going off, champagne spilling and people chanting “change is coming”. I just wanted to go Phoebe (Friends series) and yell, “I’m married!”

It was a whirlwind. But I have savored every minute of it. As my husband reached for my hand and encircled my waist, every moment was special. It’s us. It’s ours. ❤️❤️❤️”

Francis & JL Wedding_Jess Panajon 2

Francis & JL Wedding_Jess Panajon 12

Francis & JL Wedding_Jess Panajon 7

Francis & JL Wedding_Jess Panajon 15

Francis & JL Wedding_Jess Panajon 6

Francis & JL Wedding_Jess Panajon 14

Francis & JL Wedding_Jess Panajon 17

Francis & JL Wedding_Jess Panajon 19

Francis & JL Wedding_Jess Panajon 21

Francis & JL Wedding_Jess Panajon 23

Francis & JL Wedding_Jess Panajon 25

Francis & JL Wedding_Jess Panajon 31

Francis & JL Wedding_Jess Panajon 30

Francis & JL Wedding_Jess Panajon 33

Francis & JL Wedding_Jess Panajon 32

Francis & JL Wedding_Jess Panajon 34

Francis & JL Wedding_Jess Panajon 37

Francis & JL Wedding_Jess Panajon 38

Francis & JL Wedding_Jess Panajon 24

The Photo Gallery:

The Dream Team:

Photography: Jess Panajon Photography | Videography: 24 Frames | Location: Estuar Farm, Rizal