Ivy & Carl’s Batangas Road Trip Engagement by Bryan Venancio


Don’t you just love the feel of the cool gust of wind on your face, your car windows rolled down, your hair playfully swaying in the wind while you traverse a long road with your one true love? Oooh. And the amazing scenery. Don’t forget the amazing scenery that comes with it. You just love a road trip, don’t you?


We’re in luck today because our friends from Hanging Teacups sent our way the most relaxing road trip e-sesh you’ll find. Cool, calm and breezy –that’s what Donna from Hanging Teacups will share with us today…

“The couple, Carl and Ivy, just wanted a no-frills and relaxed engagement shoot. When they approached me to help them style their engagement shoot I knew just what to do. Together with the cool photographer, Bryan Venancio, we took a road trip from Manila to Batangas — away from the craziness of the city.”


“We stopped along the way to admire the amazing scenery and take their photos. We brought beers, some chips and a dependable pick-up truck and we ended up with pure laid back edginess. Truly, I say, love is indeed about the journey… and most importantly who you travel with.”




















The Photo Gallery:

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  • _MG_9874
  • _MG_9908
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  • _MG_9955
  • _MG_9974
  • _MG_9977
  • _MG_9980

The Dream Team:

Photography: Bryan Venancio Photography | Make-up: Tin Albano | Styling: Hanging Teacups

Janna & Enzo’s Spring Inspired Wedding by Project JDG


“And it felt like spring time on this February morning”. It ain’t February but I caught myself singing this song. How can I not be? Enzo and Janna’s wedding was showered in lush florals and painted in a palette of pretty pastels, there’s no denying that a romantic tete a tete on a Spring morning was in mind when they planned for their big day.

Ready your Pinterest, loves. Everything in this wedding is just pin-worthy!

I fell in love with a whole lot of elements — from the newspaper invites to the vintage chic reception set-up by Passion Cooks Catering —  but my most favorite would be the cake! Dainty and chic, the wedding cake by the groom’s sister Issa of Golden Wheat Bakery is a sight to behold! I’m sure, it’s yummy too!


Cheers to Joshua de Guzman of Project JDG for doing a great job in capturing the beauty and love that day. But before you check out the rest of the photos, here’s the bride Janna as she shares an inspiration or two to all you brides-to-be out there…

“Enzo and I were schoolmates since gradeschool and became best friends since we were 13 and 14 years old. It took us 10 years before we realized that we love each other . In 2011, we became officially boyfriend and girlfriend but were separated after 3 months as I went to Canada to work as a nurse. 

I wanted to surprise my family and did not tell them that I was going home, so Enzo picked me up from the airport. We live in the same province at San Pablo, Laguna in the Philippines. Before Enzo accompanied me home, he requested to drop by his parents’ house just to say Hi. He told me that his parents and siblings were on the rooftop, and when we got there, Enzo gave me the ring and ask me to marry him and of course I said “YES!” 


“I am a morning person so I requested that our wedding be in the morning and have a lunch reception instead of supper time. I got the concept of newspaper invitation as people read newspaper in the morning. I love florals so I wanted to incorporate a garden inspired Spring wedding. We wanted pastel colors to give a bright and cheerful ambiance to the wedding.” 


“The most memorable part was walking down the aisle and seeing the people that you love all looking at you — it’s is just overwhelming, to see the groom crying and family and friends waiting for us. At that very moment, we feel loved that these people woke up early in the morning to be part of this beautiful beginning of our life.” 


“Everything takes time and planning, you only get married once so you have to enjoy the journey of waiting and anticipation of the big day. Doing DIY to important things on your wedding adds personal touch and makes it feel unique and special. To have a beautiful wedding, you need to know what you want, choose suppliers that perfectly fit your personality and be very keen to details. On the day of your wedding, let go of everything, smile and enjoy every minute of it! When all else fails, you are still the luckiest person in the world because you married the love of your life.”






























The Photo Gallery:

  • 15283_10152679106446281_1170532507989713538_n
  • 1014079_10152679068406281_2569647606233011507_n
  • 1377504_10152669371576281_6082199789645741578_n
  • 1426195_10152679114486281_4945476791016979590_n
  • 1454610_10152679072391281_2193748230640895232_n
  • 1458643_10152677811486281_2873179564574098566_n
  • 1558447_10152627785466281_518214429399985484_n
  • 1653694_10152679069141281_4039694795151290219_n
  • 1654186_10152674840196281_7094731255794516211_n
  • 1779939_10152680409811281_4888639717004217220_n
  • 1898241_10152679070636281_9101916303524953263_n
  • 1958495_10152674835736281_9200663405770368345_n
  • 10154200_10152669368101281_3309301046862552408_n
  • 10157156_10152627789421281_1925814600096307133_n
  • 10171197_10152670383811281_9116936303856597760_n
  • 10247286_10152669369271281_1291295043445801492_n
  • 10325593_10152680410886281_2613733218068987178_n
  • 10339739_10152670453726281_7918984677987950613_n
  • 10367554_10152670384376281_7293795861161365125_n
  • 10372794_10152677808956281_7149676273109472822_n
  • 10377521_10152680392086281_4276767908472390568_n
  • 10401987_10152679081836281_5414618146526398051_n
  • 10408111_10152672300671281_6620100311373219867_n
  • 10451157_10152677807136281_4903335114392554933_n
  • 10456805_10152677816211281_7873824025441785248_n
  • 10462356_10152679101041281_9064167962655517263_n
  • 10473737_10152680392626281_2411246009121087968_n
  • 10480214_10152677811941281_8559983610607487684_n
  • 10484951_10152679070966281_7778325959211526526_n
  • 10576942_10152670452111281_4364483222113618910_n
  • 10603769_10152679070736281_1686183227621581100_n
  • 10609589_10152669392001281_8190724693147480551_n
  • 10610516_10152670449651281_5875103851573355846_n
  • 10612722_10152680397851281_449904259218291933_n
  • 10613060_10152674840651281_5452678984672812182_n
  • 10614360_10152669371661281_1224676965307447005_n
  • 10626715_10152669373966281_3706711024151240868_n
  • 10626736_10152672302401281_1143904347383486026_n
  • 10628007_10152677807176281_2115682794521335001_n
  • 10632687_10152627789276281_576537002098599578_n
  • 10646837_10152627786696281_3448274955481105783_n
  • 10646865_10152674850441281_2451839154393582375_n
  • 10653694_10152672291071281_7669360482341748553_n
  • 10653770_10152680403766281_5783641350841626130_n
  • 10659350_10152677811041281_917010446122885175_n
  • 10659379_10152677810446281_2363491528009819261_n
  • 10678543_10152680402066281_3829991577791613615_n
  • 10678852_10152672298201281_6981528195315268774_n
  • 10685421_10152673608576281_3404851118489102501_n
  • 10690011_10152669369826281_2877691982222003394_n
  • 10703645_10152679099346281_7706533576939490950_n
  • 10710751_10152669383911281_7107847465087998459_n
  • 10712757_10152673608516281_2794807748422135309_n

The Dream Team:

Photography: Joshua de Guzman of Project JDG | Videography: Jake Olaso Wedding Films | Ceremony Venue: Santuario De San Jose, Greenhills, Philippines | Officiant: Fr. Eugene Fadul and Fr. Jerry Gaela | Venue: Glass Garden, Pasig Manila, Philippines | Wedding Day Coordinator: Kiss the Girl Events | Reception Venue: Glass Garden, Manila, Philippines | Event Styling + Catering + Drinks: Passion Cooks Catering | Wedding Cake: Issa of Golden Wheat Bakery | Stationery/ Invitation: Maj Olivares | Wedding Musician :Manila String Machine | Hair & Makeup:Cherry Pacheco Make Up | Bridal Gown: Mel Orlina Couture | Bride’s Shoes: Michael Kors | Suits: Mr. Galang | Groom’s Shoes: Call It Spring | Engagement Ring: Made by family friend | Wedding Bands: Made by family friend

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