Bridal Bouquet Alternatives

Happy weekend cherries! I’m sure you’re already seeing a troop of experimental brides who are choosing to walk the bridal-bouquet-road less traveled. Oh yes, I’m talking about the Bridal Bouquet Alternatives – or simply put, all bouquets that are not fresh flowers.

For some, it’s the joy of being different and unique from the rest, for others, it’s the security of knowing that their most precious bridal bouquet will never wilt. It’s actually exciting and refreshing to see this wedding trend, you’ll be amazed at the creativity and variety of materials that are being used!

Here are your whimsical bridal bouquet alternatives inspirations and I’m sure you won’t be tossing away any of these soon!

Home-made Paper bridal bouquet

homemade paper bouquet

photo source: Boho Weddings

Chocolate and Chocolate-inspired Trinkets bridal bouquet

chocolate trinkets bouquet

photo source: Bridal Book PH | Bouquet by Flowers & Events by Teddy Manuel

Vintage China Brooch bridal bouquet

floral china vintage brooch bouquet

photo source: Debbie Carlisle Bouquets

Lace bridal bouquet

lace bouquet

photo source: Aspirational Bride

Cascading Brooch bridal bouquet

cascading brooch bouquet

photo source: Blue Petyl Bouquets

Fabric, Lace and Vintage Brooch bridal bouquet

Fabric brooch bouquet

photo source: Vatel Manila | Bouquet by {etc} Handmade Goodness

Custom made Paper Flower bridal bouquet

custom made paper bouquet

photo source: Etsy

Silk, Lace, Brooch bridal bouquet

Customized brooch silk lace bouquet

photo credit: Jaja Lifestyle Photography | Bouquet by {etc} Handmade Goodness

Apple bridal bouquet

apple bouquet

photo source: Rock n Roll Bride

Felt and Buttons bridal bouquet

feltandbuttons boquet

photo source: Boho Weddings

Shells bridal bouquet

Shells bouquet

photo credit: Bordoy Photography | Bouquet by {etc} Handmade Goodness

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