Inviting Tots to Your Wedding? 4 Ways to Entertain your Little Guests

Weighing whether to invite kids or not to your wedding can be a tad tricky. You loooove the cute little ones but having them over means having to compromise some crystal ware on your oh-so-lovely-to-the-hilts FORMAL winter theme wedding (if someone decides to get a little rowdy!). So you decide the glass ornaments will have to stay where they are and the little tots have to stay away from your wedding party. That’s fine, really (hey it’s your wedding!), but indicate this important information in your wedding invitation. Make it clear from the start that your wedding is an ADULTS ONLY occasion.

But if you on the other hand, decide that inviting the cuties over is A-okay (oh let them run around to their hearts content!), read on for some creative ways to keep your little guests as happy and entertained as the biggies. One surefire way of keeping guests of all ages happy is by finding a great colorado wedding dj who can keep the mood high throughout the celebrations. However, there is even more that you can do to keep the kids entertained.

kids at wedding

photo source: Jill Promoli Photography

1. Set up a table that’s right for their size and seat the little ones altogether. Decorate their little haven for the day with stuff-of-their-interest like crayons, playthings, clays, or puzzles. Use kraft paper as table covers – this would double as their canvas. 🙂

kids table4 kids table2

photo source: Miss Tweedle, Paper blog

kids table kids table3 kids table7

photo source: Bridal Guide, Elizabeth Anne Designs, Neil Boyd Photography

kids table5.1 kids table6

photo source: Wedding Channel, Trying for Green

loot bag kids table8

photo source: Martha Stewart Weddings

2. Set up a Sweets Station. Satisfy their sweet tooth with goodies like candies, cuppycakes, marshies, jell-o, gummies… Oh the list is endless! Place a favor bag for take home treats and so that they wouldn’t be all too excited to eat everything at once. It would just like be a Trick-or-Treat loot bag, but this one’s from your lovely wedding.

sweets table6

photo source: Elle UK

sweets table2 sweets table sweets table4

photo source: Bustle Events, Project Wedding, Girly Me

sweets table7 sweets table5 sweets table3

photo source: Sugarwell, Gift Tree, The Sweetest Occasion

3. Put up a Bubbles Station. I find this very brilliant for 2 reasons: one, it would keep the kids busy with something, and two, the bubbles could add to that magical vibe throughout the reception. Some even rent a bubbles machine to achieve this effect!


photo source: Molly Irwin

bubbles bubbles6 bubbles3.1

photo source: Eco Stiletto, Follow Pics, Emmaline Bride


photo source: Marta Locklear

4. Have an I-Spy game and let them run around with a goal! Ask them to capture priceless moments as they unravel. A disposable camera will be enough to do the trick, but if you have an extra budget for this, a Polaroid will be perfect. Hang the photos afterwards and clip them with a wooden clothespin, and ask the guests to sign them and write a message.

i spy at wedding large-image-martha-stewart-kids-idea

photo source: Martha Stewart Weddings

pictures display

photo source: Carter and Cook Event

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