Movie Monday: The Vow

It’s a rainy Monday today, but don’t let the rain dampen your spirits cherries! 🙂 I’m sure today’s Movie Monday will most definitely make you smile. This movie is a personal favorite because it is so poignantly beautiful. It is reveals a love so strong, it creates soft ripples of miracles. Starring Channing Tatum as Leo and Rachel McAdams as Paige, The Vow is a story inspired by real-life husband and wife, Kim and Krickitt Carpenter, newly married and madly in love and then one freak accident breaks them apart. IMDB summarizes it clearly in one line: A car accident puts Paige in a coma, and when she wakes up with severe memory loss, her husband Leo works to win her heart again.

the vow

photo source: IMDB

I will not delve so much at the plot (or the ending!!!), that is for you to watch, because really, I think you should! 🙂 Paige, being the art-lover, free spirited girl that she is, wore *swoon* a Pink dress at the wedding ceremony! How cute is that! 🙂



Leo and Paige’s wedding abruptly took place inside an art gallery. It was intimate, special, fun and it was what they wanted. And their vows? Well see for yourselves here – their vows speak so much of a forever love. ‘Nuf said.

leo the vow paige the vow

I know we cannot recreate the “spark” these two love birds have but we can very well recreate and be inspired with a very artsy, carefree, chic and fun wedding for you and your guests to enjoy!

Find an art gallery where you could have an intimate reception with your family and close friends. If you are here in Manila, check out the Ayala Museum. They’re renting out their Museum Lobby and Museum Plaza for cocktail receptions and sit down dinners.

ayala museum

Decorate this space with fun, artsy and chic decors and you’re all set! Your own The Vow inspired wedding theme comes to life!

the vow8

photo source: Ruffled

the vow2 the vow1

photo source: Style Me Pretty, Style Me Pretty

the vow4 the vow13

photo source: Style Me Pretty, Occasions in Print

the vow5

photo source: The Knot

the vow6 the vow7

photo source: Gabba Gabba Gorg, Style Me Pretty

the vow3 the vow10

photo source: 4Him Glory, Elizabeth Anne Designs

the vow12

photo source: The Sweetest Occasion

the vow11 the vow9

photo source: Citrus and Orange, Archaize

the vow15 the vow16

photo source: Martha Stewart Weddings, Style Me Pretty

the vow14

photo source: Ruffled

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