Movie Monday: Alice in Wonderland

It’s going to be quirky and whimsical today cherries! Today’s movie inspired wedding theme is not for the faint of heart. I tell you, this ain’t gonna be sweet and charming. 🙂
Alice in Wonderland has been made into film a lot of times already, the latest interpretation being from Tim Burton. The movie chronicles the adventures of Alice as she wanders through a strange land called Wonderland where she meets lots of different people and unique creatures.

alice in wonderland

photo source: IMDB

Full of bold colors and lots of fizzy and eccentric details, the Alice in Wonderland movie inspired wedding is actually one big fun tea party – Mad Hatter style! Have the men wear top hats, adorn women’s hair with feathers, decorate the place with clocks, giant chess pieces and pink flamingos, place “Eat me” and “Drink me” tags on your cuppy cakes and drinks, and how about an Alice Blue wedding dress to top it all off? Get crazy with your decor! It’s okay, they don’t have to match!
Let your guests enjoy a whimsical, one-of-a-kind party they’ll never forget!

alice in wonderland.6

photo source: Adrienne Gunde Photography

alice in wonderland2 alice in wonderland15

photo source: Confetti Daydreams, Fancy Nancy


photo source: Corette Faux Photography

alice in wonderland9 alice in wonderland5

photo source: Frosted Petticoat

alice in wonderland7

photo source: Adrienne Gunde Photography

alice in wonderland10 alice in wonderland8.1

photo source: Rock n Roll Bride, Frosted Petticoat

alice in wonderland4

photo source: Confetti Daydreams

alice in wonderland3.1 alice in wonderland11.1

photo source: Style Me Pretty Rock n Roll Bride


photo source: Elizabeth Anne Designs

alice in wonderland13.1 alice in wonderland12.1

alice in wonderland1.1

photo source: Farm5

alice in wonderland14

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