Movie Monday: Tangled

This is a movie about a love long lost and found — a story that ends in a sweet, sweet reunion. Disney has yet again added some twists and turns to an old tale and recreated a fairy tale they could uniquely claim as their own. They have put a lot of heart into the story of Rapunzel thus, bringing us a tale we could feel and we could relate to. This movie, Tangled, is one of the most beautiful animations Disney has created to date. To say that I loved every bit, from start to finish, is an understatement.


photo source: IMDB

Having single-handedly promoted the use of sky lanterns, Tangled highly associated a whole lot of romance into the use of it. A number of weddings have incorporated the use of sky lanterns as part of their wedding program, making it some sort of a “ritual” in recent weddings. Tangled is rich with romantic and nostalgic inspirations. It will wow you, it will leave you in awe. Most importantly it will bring forth a warm feeling of familiarity and content into your wedding, and will make you and your guests remember it through the years. Cherries, here’s the Tangled movie inspired wedding theme!


photo source: Modern Wedding


photo source: Wedding Chicks


photo source: Wedding Chicks


photo source: Modern Wedding


photo source: The Every Last Detail


photo source: The Every Last Detail


photo source: Wedding Chicks


photo source: Southern Weddings

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