Pantone Spring 2014 Colors: Violet Tulip Wedding

Happy weekend, cherries! I have been out and about all week training for a new job post (a.k.a my DAY job) and I just can’t wait for weekend to finally come so I could do what I always love: blog post here!

My hubby and I got a sweet surprise yesterday when our wedding album arrived. Yay! To say we loved-it-to-bits is a tad understatement. The photos turned out as how we wanted them to be, especially me, as they were bright and cheery. Loved how the mix of vintage and pastel pretty shades made a wonderful set of lovely photos. The play of colors really do take a major part, not only on your wedding day itself, but also on the outcome of your photos for the wedding album. Are you fun-loving and free-spirited? Perhaps a vivid, lively color palette will wow you. Sweet and reserved? Soft shades of dreamy pastel might be best for you. Your choice of colors will ultimately define the tone and feel of both your wedding and the photographs thereafter. So, my tip for you is choose your color palette carefully and thoroughly. Take time in deciding, and don’t be shy to consult. Bottom line? Choose your color/s wisely. Do this and you won’t regret it, I promise. ­čÖé

violet tulipPantone, THE color authority, has just recently out their next year’s hottest colors and I have featured last week the first one, Placid Blue. This week, we’ll have Violet Tulip which Pantone describes as “a┬áromantic, vintage purple, that evokes wistful nostalgia”.

If you’re sentimental and a true romantic-at-heart, let Violet Tulip do wonders for your wedding!

Violet Tulip_1

photo source (from top left) : Lavender macarons, Ruffled wedding gown, Wedding cake, Boxed purple roses centerpiece, Bridesmaids dresses, Bottled wild flowers, Table Number

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