Bridal Fall 2014: Monique Lhuillier

Nobody does romantic vintage bridal couture better than Monique Lhuillier. Nobody. She does it so seamlessly, her creations appear to be almost heavenly. Always ethereal and always romantic, she has worked her usual magic again with materials like tulle, vintage lace, embellishments and embroideries and used shades of rose gold and silver in some of the gowns. Bridal Fall 2014 has just recently started in runways in New York, and here at Cherryblossoms and Faeriewings, I think it is just fitting that my first Bridal Fall 2014 feature be Monique Lhuillier.

This collection is going to be stunningly beautiful, cherries. Take a peek now, dream away…

Monique Luillier_2

Monique Luillier_1

Monique Luillier_5

Monique Luillier_6

Monique Luillier_7

Monique Luillier_8

Monique Luillier_10

Monique Luillier_11

Monique Luillier_9

Monique Luillier_12

Monique Luillier_13

Monique Luillier_14

Monique Luillier_15

Monique Luillier_17

Monique Luillier_18

Monique Luillier_3

Monique Luillier_4

Monique Luillier_16

Wedding gowns by Monique Lhuillier | Photo source: The Knot

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