Movie Monday: Game of Thrones

Don’t raise those eyebrows yet, I know Game of Thrones is not a movie but a TV series, but you have to agree with me when I say that each epic-esque episode is of film quality calibre. It’s actually such a shame that I’ve only recently watched the series but I still managed to finish all 3 seasons with the hubby in 2 weeks flat! Tee-hee! 🙂 At last, I totally get why some people say we are living in another golden age of television. When you click here for the statistics, it becomes apparent how extraordinary the number original scripted series there are on television at the moment. Currently, Game of Thrones is my absolute favourite!

Game of Thrones

photo source: IMDB

Making raves since its first installment, Game of Thrones (GoT) is based on the epic fantasy novel series by George R.R. Martin, A Song of Fire and Ice, which tackles a wide variety of human issues and morals — simply put, no dull moment ever.
I won’t go into the plot too much, that is something for you to watch to appreciate (and I highly recommend that you do). It’s just that I am so much reminded of the Stark house words, “The Winter is Coming” now that the cold month of December is fast approaching, and knowing that most weddings here happen on this cold -ber month, I might as well give you a not-so-usual wedding theme inspired by this very popular TV series.
We don’t have to replicate an entire set of GoT just to use this as a wedding theme, it’s more of stealing bits and pieces of their glorious sets and weaving these altogether to create our own GoT look.
Choose either a vast indoor venue or an outdoor open field. This theme can work either way, but for this particular post, I’m thinking of an indoor, sit-down wedding party in a grand hall with high ceilings (will have to check if parties are allowed in the National Library or the National Museum though).

Steve Gerrard Photography

photo source: When Geeks Wed

Long wooden tables, bare except for a runner, adorned with lush florals in the palette of deep reds, pinks, plums and greens and placed in brass or copper toned vases, with lit candelabras to set the mood right. Hanging chandeliers in brass would be great add ons too. I imagine the bride to be in pristine white, with an usual floral headpiece. Her bouquet will be white as snow and her hair fixed in any of the GoT inspired hairstyles below. She will look regal in bearing, a true queen on her wedding day.
This is going to be a formal winter inspired wedding theme that is as warm as the hearth. Ready now? Here’s the Game of Thrones inspired wedding theme:

Game of Thrones_CBFWblog

photo source (from top left) : Wooden Chairs with My Lord and My Lady tags, Wedding Cake by Sprinkle bakes, Lush floral centerpiece and candelabra, Bridal headpiece, White bridal bouquet, Bronze plate, Bronze chandelier

Oh, wait there’s more! Fix your hair and that of your maids with any of these GoT inspired hairstyles!

Game of Thrones2

photo source: How To Hair Girl

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