Movie Monday: You’ve Got Mail

A holiday-Monday is the best kind of Monday ever! We were out all day yesterday so I think it’s fab that i get to rest today (even though it’s the hubby who badly needs it!). We went on a picnic at Eco Park with the nieces and nephews in the morning, and they had a blast taking photos while the rest of us were busy eating non-stop (ha!). My hubby and I tried archery and I got lucky with my first attempts so I got to self-proclaim that I was a natural-born archer (Trivia: My fave Greek goddess is Artemis, often depicted carrying a bow and arrow, the goddess of the hunt and protector of young girls). Me and the hubby are both interested in archery waaaaaayy back, so it was nice to try it. Perhaps, we may even pursue it. Tee-hee! 🙂 How about you cherries, where did you spend the weekends? Hope you all had a grand time whatever you did! 🙂

You Got Mail

photo source: IMDB

Going back to business, today’s featured movie is a well loved romantic comedy starring Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan — You’ve Got Mail. Tom’s character, Joe Fox, is the owner of a bookstore chain and falls in love with Kathleen Kelly (Meg Ryan), the woman he met online. Both are unaware that she runs the little shop his company is trying to shut down.

We see two faces of book stores in this film, a big bookstore chain and a little family owned book shop. Though strikingly different, any of those two will be a book-lovers’ haven. So, if you and the hubby-to-be love reading books, and don’t find it boring to be surrounded by them, you’ve got to try the You’ve Got Mail Inspired Wedding — or a Bookstore Themed Wedding. Be lost in love with the literary world as you decor your wedding with Jane Austen quotes, present your seating cards in an old library catalogue drawer, use old books together with flowers as your centerpieces, have a book-page flower bouquet and share your love of literature with guests as you give them books as wedding favors.

So, you think this is your wedding theme? Spread the love with literature and books and have a You’ve Got Mail Inspired Wedding!

You Got Mail Inspired Wedding_CBFWblog

photo source (from top left) : Jane Austen Quotes as decor, Flower centerpiece and stack of books, Bride and Groom reading books, Books and candlelight, Book-page Bouquet, Tablescape inside a Bookstore, Seating cards in a Library catalogue drawer, Books Wedding Favors

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