Color Series #1 : Cotton Candy + Tropical Green + Gold

It is a give-away that I love pink. And glitter gold. Pink and glitter gold are my most favorite combinations, so allow me to make these pretty duo as my first color palette creation! Splash in some greens with these lovely two, and you’ve got yourself a refreshingly dreamy and romantically soft look that can never go wrong! Okay, I’m a little biased on that part. But really, can you blame me? Look at the mood board I made below and tell me if the words sweet and romantic doesn’t instantly come to mind. This color palette is a sure road to wedding-pretty because really, there’s nothing that a hint of blush and a touch of sparkle cannot magically transform into timeless loveliness. 🙂

Color Series #1 - Pink_Green_Gold

photo source (from top left) : Romantic table setting, Gold specked macarons, Gold mettalic cake, Sparkly ampersand, Spray painted cans in gold with pretty flowers

Details I love, besides the obviously pretty and sophisticated table setting, are the gold metallic cake and the gold spray painted tin cans. Check them out below for a more detailed and closer look!

gold metallic cake gold tin cans

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