Color Series #2 : Peach + Powder Blue

I have my eyes on something cool as the morning breeze today. Think of the hue of the clear ocean and the warm, soft touch of Spring’s first bloom. Sweet, romantic and oh-so-chic combination of Peach and Powder Blue, splashed in with hints of greens and the softest pinks, will remind you of a Summer-love that never ends. If you want a dreamy and magical wedding, this color palette will be just perfect for you. Go ahead, infuse the color of Spring’s first kiss with the hue that reminds you of your strolls in the beach. The Peach and Powder Blue combo will surely kiss your blues away…

Color Series #2 - Peach_Powder Blue

photo source (from top left) : Wedding invitation, Vintage chair with peach roses, Pale blue wedding gown, Peach cake pops, Old wall with peach rose, Wedding bouquet, Blue gingham table cloth

Since I am a sucker for all things vintage-pretty, my favorite deets will be the vintage blue chair with the lovely bouquet of peach roses and the distressed wooden blue painted wall. I’m dreaming now of having a secret garden enclosed with this blue wall, and lots of peach roses crawling all over it, and at the center of the garden will be a vintage tea table where I can have my lazy, afternoon tea-sips. What about you, what’s your favorite deet in the mood board? 🙂

blue chair peach roses blue wall peach rose


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