Movie Monday: Serendipity

When I think of the movie Serendipity, I think of stars, lucky coincidences and destiny. This movie makes me feel nostalgic, and gives me a  warm, fuzzy feeling — that feeling you get when you roll under your blankie and watch a feel-good romantic movie and then you smile crazy afterwards because your general idea of true love is once affirmed.


photo source: IMDB

My Serendipity Movie Inspired Wedding Theme will remind you of those romantic strolls in the park, of things that will make you feel nostalgic, of things you hold dear and those special little-somethings you treasure, it will remind you of those long conversations you had under the stars, even those silent moments when you say nothing and just stare onto each other’s eyes. This wedding theme will be all about romance and will rekindle your belief in destiny, and one true love. Steal this inspiration at daytime and make your wedding a one, big happy stroll in the park, or have it from dusk til night and transform your wedding into a romantic dance under the stars. Whatever time you choose, this theme will surely make your wedding a celebration everyone will remember. 🙂

Serendipity Movie Inspired Wedding_CBFWblog

photo source (from top left) : Wild flowers in water can, Bride and Groom stroll in the park, Vintage bicycle, String of lights, Love in the Time of Cholera book, Old typewriter, Romantic dessert table setting

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