Movie Monday: Frozen

“An act of true love doesn’t have to be a kiss.” After years and years of watching Disney films, we were made to believe that only a “true love’s kiss” can save the day. So imagine, I had a one-sec-wow-moment when this film has finally broken that age-long belief. Okay, I’m gonna shush now. I really don’t want to spill anything. 🙂


photo source: IMDB

Loosely based on the story of the Snow Queen, Frozen tells the tale of two sisters and how their love for each other can literally melt frozen hearts. I’m going to admit though, that what I love most are the dresses in this film! Wait for Elsa’s “chrysalis” dress — imagine a long gown made of delicate layers of soft, sparkly snowflakes. Ah… enchanting!

Elsa Frozen

If you decide to have a Frozen movie inspired wedding, make sure to be ready to steal the ultimate Winter Frost Wedding of your dreams. A color palette of Ice Blue and White, crystals and sparkles in your decor, incorporate glittery snowflakes even in your menu. And your wedding dress. Oh, it just has to be this and only this – a flowy column of ice blue sheath, with the right amount of sparkle that glistens in light – to make you shine and glow even more. Well, how’s that for dreamy? 🙂

Frozen Movie Inspired Wedding_CBFWblog

photo source (from top left) : Sparkly necklace, Winter Frost tablescape, Elie Saab Fall 2011 dress, White winter drink, Snowflake cupcake, Intricate lace design, Winter frost bouquet

So, can you guess what’s my favorite deet in the mood board? Okay, here you go. 🙂


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