Movie Monday: Marie Antoinette

Directed by Sofia Coppola and starring Kirsten Dunst, this film tells the story behind France’s most lavish and iconic queen, Marie Antoinette. This film has won an Oscar for Best Achievement in Costume Design, making it a rich wedding-spiration if you have that fine taste and love for all things-fancy and all things-luxurious. Just pay close attention to the deets and steal ’em right.

Marie Antoinette

photo source: IMDB

Think of a grand ballroom reception venue decorated with generous display of lush florals, a delicious color palette of pinks, greens and yellows, metallic gold and feathers in the deets, extravagant and fancy table centerpieces and the most mouth-watering dessert table E-V-E-R. Serve your guests with fine-tasting pastries — macarons de paris, an assortment of petits fours, mini cakes — and do “let them eat cake”! Not to mention that the idea of guests in flower crowns, tea hats, and fascinators will make me want to actually gate-crash your wedding. Check out these to-die-for movie snaps below:

Marie Antoinette1

Marie Antoinette2

Marie Antoinette3

Marie Antoinette4

A Marie Antoinette inspired wedding is all about grandiosity and opulent style so be ready to take the big splurge on what this wedding theme will cost you. If you can look beyond that, then good, because this theme will definitely wow your guests for as long they can remember.

Marie Antoinette Wedding Theme_CBFWblog

photo source (from top left) : Lush roses, Marie Antoinette inspired bride, Elegant flowing wedding gazebo, Fancy pink chair, THE wedding cake, Pink and metallic gold table setting, Macarons and cupcakes, Tablescape and reception set-up

My favorite deet in the mood board would be this Marie Antoinette inspired bride. I love how her style reflects a Marie Antoinette style without going over the top lavish. P.S. Remember to have a feather pen for guestbook signing. ^_^. You might also want to look for a gazebo for sale if you are interested in pulling off this type of wedding.

Marie Antoinette6

Okay, and just because you need to see the deets of this reception set-up closer…

Marie Antoinette5

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