Cathy & Jonard’s Muted Elegant Wedding by We Do It For Love


I find it quite interesting that today’s wedding embarked on a subdued, earth tone-rich color palette… and why not, the bride Cathy was no other than the crowned Miss Philippines Earth 2006. ūüôā

I must say, that while this wedding appears to be understated in all its quiet, hushed simplicity, everything in this wedding was executed in such exquisite, refined taste. There was no need for pageantry. This was a beautiful ceremony and celebration of love in muted elegance. And I love, just love, when couples decide to embark on this kind of wedding especially when most would settle easily in the formulaic “grandiose style.”


Weddings of 2013 were detail-heavy… we reveled on the teeniest wedding deets. Would 2014 weddings have a total turn around? Are you brave enough to say “yes” to a hushed, subdued wedding that focuses only on what matters most – and that is – a heartfelt celebration of love? Jonard and Cathy’s wedding is my first real wedding feature for this year and their wedding is, in every way, a wedding that focuses on that. ūüôā

Oh, be ready to fall in love with these gorgeous captures by We Do It For Love!















Before you head over to the photo gallery for more gorg wedding photos, here’s the bride Cathy to share with us little snippets about this special day….

“Jonard and I were engaged for 3 years before the wedding. Imagine how many mood boards and themes we considered before the actual day. But when we finally chose our non-negotiable, the church, we planned everything according to what felt right. Food is top priority so we didn’t settle for something nice but something we know our guests would also enjoy. We were blessed to be allowed by Diamond Hotel to close Corniche so our guests could enjoy various cuisine. The gown I wore by Veejay Floresca was elegant without frills, beads etc. It was extra pressure for me because I wanted to do justice to the exquisite lace Veejay and his team used by having a nice silhouette. I also entrusted our families’ outfits with no less than Tito Frederick Alba of FSA Atelier who made all the gowns I wore when I competed for Miss Earth. I love the color and the details on their gowns. We are blessed because we had our dream team on the day of our wedding. I do not regret not having too many details to be stressed about because at the end of the day, we got everything we wished for.”

“We had so much fun planning the wedding. We had fewer suppliers than a traditional wedding. I am so OC and after deciding not to be stressed on our special day, I took out a lot of items from my original list:¬†entourage gowns (I only had gowns and 2 suits made for my immediate family; everyone else I just requested to wear anything following the colors);¬†no elaborate centerpieces (I chose an elegant floral and soft light center piece by the hotel);¬†I did the invitations waaaaaaay ahead of time that we even had time to individually stamp and do the calligraphy of everything.¬†I was blessed to have a husband who guided me and reminded me what the day should be all about: the ceremony and celebrating it with family.”

Now, isn’t that the sweetest? And I totally agree with her, a wedding will always be about this: celebrating it with family.¬†‚ô•‚ô•‚ô•

The Photo Gallery:

The Dream Team:

Photography: We Do It For Love | Videography: Mykl Syko and Erica Cruz for Marcus Phoenix | Wedding Ceremony Venue: Basilica Minore de San Sebastian | Reception: Corniche, Diamond Hotel, Manila | Preparation of the Bride: Bride’s Home & Casa Roces | Preparation of the Groom: Diamond Hotel | Bridal Gown and Groom Suit: Veejay Floresca | Shoes of the Bride and Groom: Glenmore by Studio Boheme | Hair and Make-up: Katchie Mejias and Anton Patdu | Entourage Gowns and Suits: Frederick Alba of FSA Atelier | Flowers: Vatel Manila | Wedding Favors: Planted and potted by Bride’s Father, Col. Gregorio Untalan (Ret) | Cake: Café Pendot by Rhea Untalan-Mansibang | Customized Rings: Malou Romero of Joanique| Coordination and Invitations: Marcus Phoenix Media Prod | Band, Lights and Sounds: Verve Project

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