Choosing Your Wedding Venue

One of the first wedding-related bookings you’ll ever make is that of your wedding venue. Choosing the right reception venue usually doesn’t come easy because of the many things to consider (availability, capacity, proximity, etc.), but do not fret! You don’t have to do a kiss-a-lot-of-frogs-before-you-find-your-prince stunt on deciding which venue will be best for you — the secret is (as in most things, I tell you!), you just have to ask the right questions. That’s right, cherries! Sometimes, it’s all in asking the right questions.

So, better equip yourselves with this checklist slash infographic for all your wedding venue related Qs before you head out and hunt for that perfect wedding venue! Good luck! 🙂

Choosing a Wedding Venue

Infographic source: The Wedding Band Shop

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