Color Series #7 : Navy + Blush + White

All aboard, cherries! My color board for you today will remind you of all things nautical – sea, sand and sailing. I initially wanted to limit this color board to just Navy and White but I thought, why not add a touch of blush to soften the vibe and add some warmth to it? I just love how this mix of masculine shade (suits… navy suits… well, they sound masculine enough for me) and the most known feminine hue (I don’t need to explain this one!) seem to give us a rather “balanced” color mood board. I know how a motif in different shades of Pink might have a tendency to lean towards a more feminine vibe… so to create a little semblance of balance, here’s something you might want to consider: go for the formal touch of Navy Blue + White and doll it up with light touches of Blush Pink. The mix of this strong color with a soft one creates a beautiful balanced act that will make no guy feel awkward to wear and still make the girls feel pretty and feminine at the same time.

Color Series #7 - Navy + Blush + White

photo source (from top left) : Wedding bouquet, Gold blue sapphire earrings, Bridesmaids in navy blue, Navy ribbon on wedding dress, Wedding cake, Nautical tablescape

Okay, for my favorite deets… It would have to be the bridal bouquet and those gorg array of bridesmaids in navy. I was actually thinking that it would look better if we could swap that bride’s bouquet with this one – just to make hers stand out a bit from her maids, don’t you think?

bouquet + strapless navy bridesmaid dresses

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