Movie Monday: About Time

And we’re at our very first Movie Monday for 2014! Tee-hee! 🙂 I am a sucker for feel-good, romantic movies that leave a smile on my face when the end credits start rolling. I have just recently watched this movie (this weekend, to be exact) and I have to admit that when the “wedding scene” started playing, I knew immediately that this one’s going to our Movie Monday list.

About Time

photo source: IMDB

About Time is a story about Tim and how his time-travelling abilities helped him win the heart of his true love (Mary). Watch the movie, I’m sure you’ll like love it. 🙂 So, about the wedding scene. Despite the strong winds and rain, Tim and Mary’s wedding was intimate and warm. You could feel how personal the celebration is, and the simplicity of it all makes it even more beautiful and heartfelt.

About Time1

I love how the guests wore their casual chic clothes (and fab hats), how they used colorful ribbons as aisle style, the way they used a marquee so everybody could mingle around and have that relaxed, no-fuss vibe. But most importantly, I love the bride Mary’s red wedding dress and red veil (and how she wore flats!). I have no words to describe just how lovely she looked, and I’m like — why didn’t I have the guts to wear red on my wedding day?!

About Time2

About Time3

I made a mood board on how you could steal the look of Tim and Mary’s wedding. The goal is to make it look as spontaneous, intimate and relaxed as possible. And don’t stress over the teeny details, you won’t be needing a lot. Just always remember, there is beauty in simplicity. 🙂

About Time Movie Wedding Inspiration

photo source (from top left) : Colorful tassels, Marquee, Red wedding dress, Flowers in bottle, Wedding signs, Tablescape

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