Color Series #12 : Lavender + Tiffany Blue

I met up with my sister yesterday and went to a bridal fair. I was looking around for some great finds for my soon-to-wed sister, and was actually hoping to find a color-inspiration for today’s Color Series too. My sister suddenly suggested that I do something out of my regular fix, which is usually confined into something colorful or something glittery. And I thought, yeah, why not! Challenge accepted! So today, I give you a color palette that is not within my comfort-zone. I confess I’m not really a fan of purple/ violet/ indigo, etc. and of bluish shades too. I admit I’m partial to reddish/ pinkish hues (which I believe are sooo obvious), so making this color set is something out of usual for me. But hey, I had fun! It’s actually quite refreshing to do something different. This color palette actually reminds me of a vast prairie of lavender fields, where the blue skies above look down to those sweet-smelling rows of lovely lavender flowers to give out an explosion of a soothing, relaxing and calming vibe.

Color Series #12 - Lavender + Tiffany Blue

photo source (from top left) : Lavender in mason jar, Flowers on a vintage suitcase, Blue Vespa, Blue and purple bottles, Hydrangea inspired cupcakes, Tablescape

I love this idea of having a bundle of lavenders placed in a colored mason jar, and thought this would be a lovely touch for a vintage inspired wedding reception table. I also love this Tiffany blue Vespa and instantly dreamt of riding away for a lazy-afternoon picnic with my husband… ♥ Oh, enjoy the rest of this sunny Saturday, cherries!

lavender + vespa

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