Romona Keveza Spring 2014: Passage Through Time

Romona Keveza Spring 2014

When I’ve first featured the Romona Keveza Bridal Spring 2014 collection last May 2013, I was just in awe at how each and every gown epitomizes classic, luxe elegance at its finest. Today, I’m bringing you something to be awe-inspired again as Romona Keveza pays tribute to classic, timeless styles. Discover today what particular decade each dress represents, what part of history each dress pays homage to in terms of its glamour and refinement. See the story behind each of these Romona Keveza Spring 2014 gowns and marvel how the fashion’s best mingled the truth from historical moments with her own collection’s DNA in a thoughtful, subtle manner of fusing the history of yesteryear with the mystery of tomorrow.


Queen Victoria was known as the revolutionary in popularizing the white wedding dress, but her daughter Princess Alice bucked her mother’s ideal and wore a blush gown for her own wedding in the Mid-Nineteenth Century. This striking blush ball gown swathed with a romantic off the shoulder neckline is inspired by the Princess’ bold choice.

Romona Keveza Spring 2014 1

Romona Keveza Spring 2014 1.1

The 1920’S GATSBY

Known for its era of elegance, the Roaring Twenties evokes the like of a proper bride. Romona Keveza dresses this woman with refined luxury in her slim fluted gown of exquisite beaded Chantilly lace with long, lean illusion sleeves.

Romona Keveza Spring 2014 2

Romona Keveza Spring 2014 2.2


A turn toward the film goddesses of the Thirties, like Jean Harlow, this gown in sensual Silk Charmeuse and draped in featherweight beaded lace, epitomizes a certain slinky attitude.

Romona Keveza Spring 2014 3

Romona Keveza Spring 2014 3.3


The Forties, being an ode to lavish fabrics and the joy of dressing up and feeling like royalty, is evoked in this gown through its grand, sweeping silk taffeta ball gown in the most magnificent shade of Wedgewood Blue.

 Romona Keveza Spring 2014 4

Romona Keveza Spring 2014 4.4


With a new upbeat spirit, the Fifties bestowed us with style icons like Audrey Hepburn giving women a fresh archetype. Romona Keveza‘s pearl covered classic waltz-length dress marries restraint and charm to perfection.

Romona Keveza Spring 2014 5

Romona Keveza Spring 2014 5.5

The 1960’S CAMELOT

Inspiring millions of women with her own sleek, directional style, Jackie Kennedy becomes an eternal icon of quiet, sophisticated American fashion. Inspired by the ribbon-lace on Jackie Kennedy’s dress from the Camelot years, Romona Keveza shapes her own Ribbon Lace into a simple, structured fluted gown.

Romona Keveza Spring 2014 6

Romona Keveza Spring 2014 6.6


Channeling the late great couture embroiderer, Francois LesageRomona Keveza lavishes this crisp white bell-shaped ball gown with extravagant beading, embroidery and charming scallops along its neckline and hem.

Romona Keveza Spring 2014 7

Romona Keveza Spring 2014 7.7

The 1990’S A NEW COOL

The Nineties ushered in a more subtle use of embroidery. This airy one-shoulder Soutache Lace ball gown gently embraces the new chic of this decade, along with its façade of tiny clear paillettes and intangible aura.

Romona Keveza Spring 2014 8

Romona Keveza Spring 2014 8.8


Delving into her archives from the Year 2000, Romona Keveza updates her classic asymmetrical neckline with the exciting new fabric technologies of today. A near-transparent, weightless tulle over-skirt sits atop her fluted Embroidered Applique Lace mermaid gown in a celebration of pure modern techniques.

Romona Keveza Spring 2014 9

Romona Keveza Spring 2014 9.9

Romona Keveza’S Finale Gown – THE FUTURE

The galaxy offers endless possibilities inspiring the promise of tomorrow and beyond. Looking forward with pure, uninhibited imagination, Romona Keveza offers brides a glimpse of a new look: a new, future classic. With innovative high-tech fabrics, her nude strapless column layered in silk tulle nearly disappears on the skin, as delicate dew drop crystals cascade in a fashion that add light and glimmer along the body.

Romona Keveza Spring 2014 10

Romona Keveza Spring 2014 10.10

Photos and information source: Romona Keveza’s Facebook page


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