13 Adorable Flower Girl Basket Alternatives

Give your flower girls something unique to carry! Let’s twist the flower girl basket tradition a bit and give the basket of petals a rest by making the cuties carry something that’s equally pretty but more fun and whimsical. If you want to do away from the conventional flower girl staple – the flower basket, here are 13 adorbs alternatives from which you may choose from.

1.  Rustic Flower Hearts – These are perfect for your rustic / autumn inspired wedding. Tie up with ribbons in your color motif for that extra dose of pretty.

1 Rustic Wooden Hearts

photo source: One Fab Day

2.  Faerie Wands – Make your flower girls feel like faeries for a day with these glittered and sparkly wands.

2 Faerie Wand1

photo source:  Jac Photography

3.  Flower Teapot – Fill up an old teapot with blooms for a perfect vintage alternative for your little girl.

3 Flower Teapot

photo source: Intimate Weddings

4.  Kissing Balls – One big ball of sweet smelling florals that you can also pair up with a flower crown.

4 Kissing Ball

photo source: Style Me Pretty

5.  Japanese Parasol – Having an outdoor wedding? What could be better than having them carry something that will protect their soft skin from the sun too?

5 Japanese Parasol

photo source: The Knot

6.  Flower Coconut Husk – Perfect for your tropical-paradise-of-a-wedding, fill up a coco husk with loose flowers or petals and have your little sweetie throw them out as she walks down the beach-perfect aisle.

6 Flower Coconut Husk

photo source: Style Me Pretty

7.  Flower Wands – Giant flowers a-top a wand in the most vibrant colors will surely catch everyone’s attention.

7 Flower Wand1

photo source: Style Me Pretty

8.  Heart Balloons – Just because it is a romantic day. 🙂

8 Heart Balloons

photo source: Style Me Pretty

9.  Rustic Firefly Lantern – Fret not, you won’t be using live fireflies for this one but a string of lights inside a ball of intertwined rattan.

9 Rustic Firefly Lantern

photo source: Bragging Bags

10. Flower Cart – Have them push a flower bedecked mini cart or wagon. This is perfect for the littlest ones.

10 Flower Cart

photo source: Style Me Pretty

11.  Ribbon Baton – Wand, flowers, and tassels of ribbon in one perfect basket alternative.

11 Ribbon Baton

photo source: Elizabeth Anne DesignsMartha Stewart Weddings

12.  Pinwheels – Giant pinwheels and flower crowns in matching colors are not just less expensive but over-the-moon adorable too!

12 Pinwheel

photo source: Sayher Heffernan

13. Bubbles – Just how brilliant this idea of flower girls blowing bubbles as they walk down the aisle is? Very!

13 Bubbles

photo source: Josh Snyder

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