21 Delish Wedding Cake Alternatives

Oh boy. I can’t believe it’s almost a year since I’ve had my first ever blog post here. Do you even remember what was it about? Well, it was about cakes — wedding cakes : a variety of wedding cakes inspirations for you to feast on. So, it is by no mistake that I’m tackling this topic again — with a twist. 🙂

I’ve always been amazed at the ingenuity of the brides today. They know what they want and they have wild, vivid and new ideas that continuously recreate the ever-evolving wedding scene whether with the help of professionals or through their own means using somewhere like an Event Supply Shop that could help them to get their big day off the ground. There is so much that goes into planning a wedding, from finding the perfect wedding photographer (such as snohomish photographer), or getting your dream dress. For me, it’s the wedding cake that I can’t wait for. While I have yet to meet a person who does not like cakes – or will not eat cakes, for that matter – I have collected and summarized for you dear cherries my list of sinfully delicious, equally mouthwatering wedding cake alternatives. Oh yes! This is good news for all you non-wedding-traditionalists! If you’re not too keen on having the traditional wedding cake, are interested in ready made fruit cakes to buy or if you just want to explore other options, read on because you’re in for a treat! 🙂

Let’s get the ball rolling and check out from 1 to 21 the next-best-thing wedding cake alternatives you could choose from! Have fun loves! ?

1. The Oreo Wedding Cake – pair it up with milk instead of wine. Will remind you of those childhood late-night fridge raids. Cute, don’t you think? 🙂

1 Oreo cake

photo source: Venue Safari

2. The Pancake Wedding Cake – dust with powdered sugar or drench in light maple syrup or pour in some dark chocolate ganache. This cake is perfect for a breakfast wedding. Really. ^_^

2 Pancake Cake

photo source: Burnetts Boards

3. The Rice Krispies Wedding Cake – well, it’s not a “treat” cake for nothing. Tee-hee!

3 Rice Krispies Cake

photo source: Poptastic Bride

4. The Wreath Wedding Cake – is called a Norwegian Kransekake (wreath cake). This is a traditional Danish (kransekage) and Norwegian (kransekake/kransekaka) dessert and ideally, is hard to the touch yet is soft and chewy.

4 Wreath Cake

photo source: The Natural Wedding Company

5. The Meringue Kisses Wedding Cake – oh, this one actually reminds me of sweet kisses! xx

5 Meringue Kisses Cake

photo source: Chocolate 2 Chilli

6. The Doughnuts Wedding Cake – budget-friendly and yummy! ‘Nuf said.

6 Doughnuts Cake

photo source: Style Me Pretty

7. The Macarons Wedding Cake – my most favorite in this list just because I sooo love macarons! Pretty, romantic and ultra-chic wedding cake alternative. ?

7 Macarons Cake

photo source: Wedding Chicks

8. The Cake Pops Wedding Cake – pluck it out afterwards and distribute to your guests! This way, everybody gets to taste the cake!

8 Cake Pops Cake-2

photo source: Emmaline Bride

9. The Pavlova Wedding Cake – a meringue-based dessert named after the Russian ballet dancer Anna Pavlova. This New Zealand popular dish will be a perfect highlight for your summer wedding since this is oftentimes identified with summer time.

9 Pavlova Cake

photo source: Storyboard Wedding

10. The Cupcake Wedding Cake – usually the most obvious next choice after the cake. Place in cute-sy boxes afterwards to double-up as wedding favors.

10 Cupcake Cake

photo source: Scoop It

11. The Bundt Wedding Cake – since the characterizing feature is the shape, this cake does not conform to any single recipe so you’re actually free to use (or even invent, if you’re in the mood) your favorite cake recipe.

11 Bundt Cake

photo source: Stephanie Williams Photography

12. The Pie Wedding Cake – a very homey cake alternative as this will remind you of those sweet-smelling pies your mom or grandma used to bake.

12 Pie Cake

photo source: Ruffled

13. The Crepe Wedding Cake – for that dose of European flair and that extra touch of sophistication. So very French. Oui?

13 Crepe Cake

photo source: Kate Dunbar of Petite Eve Chocolates

14. The Cheese Wedding Cake – the perfect “cake” for cheese connoisseurs. Pair it up with wine and some crackers and end the night with a delicious and relaxing treat.

14 Cheese Cake

photo source: Style Me Pretty

15. The Ice Cream Cone Wedding Cake – will definitely relive so many childhood memories. And it’s THE perfect cake for a summer wedding! Just eat them up immediately with your guests!

15 Ice Cream Cone Cake

photo source: The Knot

16. The Creme Brulee Wedding Cake – skip the cutting of cake ritual with this rich and creamy dessert and torch up the first layer together!

16 Creme Brulee Cake

photo source: Preston Bailey

17. The Croquembouche Wedding Cake – a French dessert consisting of choux pastry balls piled into a cone and bound with threads of caramel. It can be presented as plain, or decorated with fruits, flowers (like this one below), chocolates or macarons.

17 Croquembouche Cake-3

photo source: Wedding Chicks

18. The Brownie Wedding Cake – one of our most favorite dessert as a kid and kid-at-heart. Money-saver, easy to bake (there are actually ready to bake mixes that are surprisingly yummy!) and no-fuss.

18 Brownies Cake

photo source: Love My Dress

19. The Chocolate Truffles Wedding Cake – another French treat and perfect for stylish, elegantly chic weddings. This chocolate confectionery is traditionally made with a chocolate ganache centre, coated in chocolate, icing sugar, cocoa powder or chopped toasted nuts.

19 Chocolate Truffles Cake

photo source: Peggy Porschen

20. The Biscuit Wedding Cake – just as tasty, this budget-friendly cake alternative can also double up as wedding favors. You could place the biscuit/s in pretty boxes, or wrap in colorful tissues then tie it up with a ribbon, or use a kraft paper bag decorated with a doily and attach to it your thank-you tag, or just place it in small transparent plastic bag then tie it up with something glittery.

20 Cookies Cake-2

photo source: Wedding Chicks

21. The Pizza Wedding Cake – and bring out the beers! Perfect for a fun-loving couple who have equally fun-loving guests who would rather share a slice of pizza and a bottle of beer rather than eating sweets or going all formal.

21 Pizza Cake-2

photo source: Wedding Bells

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