10 Too-cute Wall Stickers for Kids that You’ll Absolutely Love

My heart just melts whenever I see something cute. Oh, I just can’t stop myself from gushing. Really. So when our friends from DecDecals sent over these wall tattoos, I just know I had to share with you some of my personal favorites in their kids wall decal collection.

While these are mainly used as nursery wall stickers, I actually thought you could incorporate these in your wedding decor just because they are too cute not to! Imagine your reception wall backdrops filled with any of these lovely wall appliques, or you could use them as your photo booth backdrops, and hey, if you’re feeling all young and carefree, using these as your couple area backdrop in the reception would be tad awesome too.

Here are the 10 of my favorites in their wall stickers for children collection:

1) A Colorful Tree and Colorful Animals

5099 -01-550x550

2) Balloon Chalkboard, Writing Blackboard


3) Bohemian Style Tree and Birds

main-550x550 (5)

4) Cartoon Branch, Cage, Birds and Flower

20 Cartoon Branch, Cage, Birds and Flower Wall Sticker-550x550

5) The Love of Lavender

main-550x550 (7)

6) Sweet Green Home

main-550x550 (6)

7) Statue of Liberty

main-550x550 (2)

8) Gorgeous Tree with Colorful Butterflies


9) Bicycle with Flowers to Love and Joy

main-550x550 (8)

10) Photo Frames with Memory Tree

main-550x550 (4)

All wall stickers by DecDecals | If you’re interested to see more of their products, you can shop now here or buy here.

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