Elaine & Neil’s Wedding Video with an Infographic Intro by Green Tomato

What I so love about running this blog is I get to discover and be presented with new, interesting and unique wedding inspirations and techniques. It just shows how fast the wedding scene is evolving. BUT. While some are content to go with new fads and craze, jumping on the bandwagon is not for everybody. Some would rather explore the not-yet-done and would likely introduce the unconventional.

Today’s wedding video by Green Tomato is one of the unique finds I found recently. Always innovative and full of fresh ideas, Green Tomato decided to make the couple Elaine and Neil their very own infographic intro prior the actual wedding video. As Jason of Green Tomato shares, “we decided to do something out of the box, create a more ‘personal’ output to our couple by showing their love story in a unique way.”

To be totally honest about it, this is the first time I’ve watched a wedding vid with an infographic! Let’s all together watch this one-of-a-kind creation by Green Tomato. Enjoy!


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