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Vendor Feature: Geof Lagria

Photography by Paopao Sanchez Geofredo Lagria, or Geof, has always had a keen eye for style and beauty. Evident in each of the many engagement sessions and weddings he had styled, his passion for his craft and creativity shines through. I have yet to see a styling made by him that I don’t like. He has the adept capability to transform the mundane into something awe-worthy. And it just blows […]

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Princess and Karl’s Enchanting Nature Engagement by Paopao Sanchez

Today’s pre-wedding styled by Geof Lagria is all sorts of romantic and magical. The lovely mix of nature’s raw beauty and the ethereal little details make this shoot poetic and divine — reminds of Greek nymphs and gods, and the love stories intertwined between them. Truly enchanting! The location was equally superb. Think of big rock boulders, the steady streams of water around, the towering trees and that crisp smell […]

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Tanya & Mark’s Midsummer Night’s Dream Engagement by Paopao Sanchez

 Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind, and therefore is winged Cupid painted blind.  Nor hath love’s mind of any judgement taste; Wings and no eyes figure unheedy haste.  And therefore is love said to be a child, because in choice he is so oft beguiled. Full of enchanted forest feel, hazy starry night sky, and mystical garden vibe, Mark and Tanya’s engagement photo shoot is, in every inch, a breathtaking night […]

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Sarah & Peter’s Fall Inspired Engagement by Paopao Sanchez

The vibrant hues in plum, deep reds and midnight blue combined with the abundant dinner table for two styled by Geof Lagria reminded me so much of Fall and Thanksgiving. The luscious colors are so vivid that everything looks delicious, tempting us to take a bite. It’s remarkable that he was able to combine cozy and elegance into one enchanting engagement setting that is no less perfect for the couple […]

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Christine & Bryan’s Ranch Love Engagement by Paopao Sanchez

What happens when you combine raw, earthy beauty with soft, delicate details? A fusion of beautiful synchronized out take with opposing elements happens. Geof Lagria, stylist of today’s lovely engagement, understood very well this concept and he executed it to a T. Ranch Love. I love how the subtle, pristine details like lace, gold, florals and that gorgeous flowy skirt were able to rise above the rawness of the ranch. […]

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Annabelle & George’s Boho Woodland Wedding by Paopao Sanchez

Not everyone can pull off a really offbeat wedding. So when today’s darling two, George and Annabelle, decided to take the bohemian vibe into the woods, I thought, heck this wedding is surely magical! And magical, it was. With the creative mind and expert hands of their stylist, Geof Lagria, their picturesque boho woodland wedding has come to life. What made things equally exciting was that, the couple decided to […]

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