Rock Those Wedding Flats!

I am a fan of flats – love them! That being said, you can safely assume I wore them on my wedding day (oh boy, I did!). Now, don’t get me wrong, I think heels are lovely too, but it’s just that heels and I don’t work best together. So for my safety, I wore flats on my wedding, and I’m glad I did! That was one of the easiest and best decisions I made for that day. :)

Here’s the metallic rose gold Yosi Samra flats I wore on my wedding:

wedding flats35

photo credit: Nez Cruz

To give you a glimpse of this alternative option for wedding shoes (I know heels will always be a priority), here are some of the most eye-catching, dainty-looking, sparkly, and so-simple-it’s-sweet wedding flats to give you ultimate comfort on your wedding day. Enjoy and rock those wedding flats, cherries!

wedding flats28  wedding flats32

photo source: Piperlime, Manolo Blahnik UK

 wedding flats267 wedding flats1

photo source: Kate SpadeDSW

wedding flats22 wedding flats6

photo source: Dessy, Dessy

wedding flats4 wedding flats15

photo source: SMP, SMP

wedding flats5 wedding flats33

photo source: BHLDNBridal Book

wedding flats2 wedding flats9

photo source: SMPSMP

wedding flats4 wedding flats18

photo source: SMPSMP

wedding flats7 wedding flats26

photo source: Etsy

wedding flats23 wedding flats11

photo source: J Crew, Southern Weddings

wedding flats13 wedding flats14

photo source: EtsyAruna Seth

wedding flats17 wedding flats16

photo source: Neiman MarcusSMP

wedding flats25 wedding flats21

photo source: SMPSMP

wedding flats30 wedding flats24

photo source: Style of MediaSMP

wedding flats29 wedding flats3

photo source: Rustic Wedding ChicSMP

wedding flats31 Lorraine Daley Wedding Photography

photo source: EtsyLorraine Daley Weddings

wedding flats34

photo source: 100 Layer Cake

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