Rock Those Wedding Flats!

I am a fan of flats – love them! That being said, you can safely assume I wore them on my wedding day (oh boy, I did!). For me one of the most important things for your wedding day, apart from your wedding rings similar to those from somewhere like Manly Bands is the kind of shoe you decide to wear for your wedding. Now, don’t get me wrong, I think heels are lovely too, but it’s just that heels and I don’t work best together. So for my safety, I wore flats on my wedding, and I’m glad I did! That was one of the easiest and best decisions I made for that day., plus it made it easier for me to move when it came to dancing to the wedding bands :). We all had a fantastic day, the venue was great and the wedding photographer Devon took some beautiful pictures. It’s a day I’ll never forget.

Here’s the metallic rose gold Yosi Samra flats I wore on my wedding:

wedding flats35

photo credit: Nez Cruz

To give you a glimpse of this alternative option for wedding shoes (I know heels will always be a priority), here are some of the most eye-catching, dainty-looking, sparkly, and so-simple-it’s-sweet wedding flats to give you ultimate comfort on your wedding day. Enjoy and rock those wedding flats, cherries!

wedding flats28 wedding flats32

photo source: Piperlime, Manolo Blahnik UK

wedding flats267 wedding flats1

photo source: Kate Spade, DSW

wedding flats22 wedding flats6

photo source: Dessy, Dessy

wedding flats4 wedding flats15

photo source: SMP, SMP

wedding flats5 wedding flats33

photo source: BHLDN, Bridal Book

wedding flats2 wedding flats9

photo source: SMP, SMP

wedding flats4 wedding flats18

photo source: SMP, SMP

wedding flats7 wedding flats26

photo source: Etsy

wedding flats23 wedding flats11

photo source: J Crew, Southern Weddings

wedding flats13 wedding flats14

photo source: Etsy, Aruna Seth

wedding flats17 wedding flats16

photo source: Neiman Marcus, SMP

wedding flats25 wedding flats21

photo source: SMP, SMP

wedding flats30 wedding flats24

photo source: Style of Media, SMP

wedding flats29 wedding flats3

photo source: Rustic Wedding Chic, SMP

wedding flats31 Lorraine Daley Wedding Photography

photo source: Etsy, Lorraine Daley Weddings

wedding flats34

photo source: 100 Layer Cake

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