Top 10 Movie Monday Favorites of 2013

Today’s the last Movie Monday of the year and do I have a treat! I have rounded up 2013’s most viewed Movie Monday favorites – YOUR favorites – and while some surprised me, most were expected as they were my personal favorites too. So, without further ado, here are your top 10 most liked, most visited, and most pinned movie inspired wedding themes! Enjoy! 🙂

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10.  The Wedding Planner – This movie had us swooning with wedding ideas that are chic, classy and elegant – “because weddings do not need to be ostentatious to be memorable, it just needs be heartfelt.”

The Wedding Planner Movie Wedding Inspirations

9.  Game of Thrones – Okay, not a movie, but as I said before, we all know that this TV series is full of rustic, rugged formal winter wedding styles to steal.

Game of Thrones Movie Wedding Inspirations

8.  Breakfast at Tiffany’s – Had us entranced with Holly Golightly-chicness with inspirations from the 1960′s New York City style. This effortlessly elegant movie-wedding theme will make any indoor, city-based formal wedding ooze with timeless elegance.

Breakfast at Tiffany's Movie Wedding Inspirations

7.  Mamma Mia – Bring in the Greek-magic to your beach wedding or your idyllic countryside wedding with these Mamma Mia inspired details.

Mamma Mia Movie Wedding Inspirations

6.  Up – Full of colorful, fun details that will bring back childhood memories and will remind us of a love that is pure, a love that moves and inspires, and a love that is once-in-a-lifetime.

Up Movie Wedding Inspirations

5.  The Hunger Games: Catching Fire – This movie inspired theme is all about raw, unapologetic, fierce and sublime Woodland Chic wedding inspirations that will out the Katniss Everdeen in every bride.

Hunger Games Movie Wedding_CBFWblog

4.  Forrest Gump –  Say hello to the mid-1960′s Hippie/ Boho-Chic era which was heavily showcased in the film, highlighting the colorful, romantic, free-spirited boheme style – think Kate Moss wedding!

Forrest Gump Movie Wedding Inspirations

3.  Under the Tuscan Sun – let your wedding burst with sunshiny goodness of the countryside and bask in the warmth, love and pure joy of an intimate Tuscan inspired wedding.

Under The Tuscan Sun Movie Wedding Inspirations

2.  Letters to Juliet – Shower your wedding with soft hues, with sunshine and sweeping landscapes, with delicate pastel-coloured flowers and be reminded by the picturesque city of Verona in Italy.

Letters to Juliet Movie Wedding Inspirations

And the TOP, #1 favorite movie inspired wedding theme is…..

1.  Frozen – Despite being a relatively new film, I’m sure you were all enchanted with the Winter Frost Wedding inspirations this movie has brought us. A most definitely perfect theme for a cold month like December! 🙂

Frozen Movie Inspired Wedding_CBFWblog

So, did your favorites made it to the list? Hope you had fun checking out our old Monday habit here at the blog! Cheers and see you next year at the first 2014 Movie Monday feature! Happy New Year, cherries!!! 🙂

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