Classic and Chic: Lace and Pearls Wedding Theme

Lace and pearls combined exude a quiet elegance and a classic, timeless beauty that would make any chic bride’s heart melt into bits. Combine these two with colors in hushed tones (or gold, for a more elegant look) and you have got yourself a dreamy, classic chic wedding. The key, however, is to subtly incorporate these two classic pieces in the wedding. Going all out lace and pearls in ALL the decors will make it too overwhelming — we’re aiming for a subdued elegance look — so don’t over-crowd. Just choose major aspects of the wedding (2-5 will do) you want to touch with these two beauties say, use them as your alternative bouquet; or if you’re having a lacy wedding dress, you can pair it up with a long pearl necklace; or you can have instead littlest pearls hand sewn into the dress (instead of crystals) for a more vintage touch; or have a laser cut lace design on the wedding cake with sprinkles of edible pearls (or this look on the cupcakes you’ll be giving away as favors); or subtle hints of pearls and doilies in the table centerpiece decor, etc. Again, the key word is subtle. No over-doing.

Here are some hints and inspirations on how to incorporate these two lovelies in your oh-so-chic wedding:

Lace and Pearls Wedding 1

photo source: Just Call Me Martha

Lace and Pearls Wedding 10

photo source: Style Me Pretty

Lace and Pearls Wedding 4

photo source: Etsy

Lace and Pearls Wedding 2

photo source: Just Call Me Martha

Lace and Pearls Wedding 6

photo source: Wedding Chicks

Lace and Pearls Wedding 9

photo source: Style Me Pretty

Lace and Pearls Wedding 8

photo source: Glitzy and Glamorous

Lace and Pearls Wedding 5

photo source: Cake Central

Lace and Pearls Wedding 7

photo source: Style Me Pretty

Lace and Pearls Wedding 11

photo source: Love My Dress

Lace and Pearls Wedding 12

photo source: Love My Dress

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