Postcards & Dreams: Vintage Travel Wedding Theme

I get nostalgic whenever I see Air Mail envelopes and postcards. Being used to all these electronic means of communications, I can’t help but feel a little sentimental whenever I chance upon old letters and cards. My best friend, who’s now living in the U.S., shares this love of the handwritten letters with me, and we still send each other snail mail once in a while even though an e-mail or a Facebook message is much faster — and would reach the other much, much sooner. We would often talk about visiting places and dropping by cafes and tea shops, where we could spend a quiet afternoon, drinking tea and eating sweet cakes.

If you and your soon-to-be-hubby are a bit sentimental, both love that eager feeling of discovering new places or having to pack your suitcases for travel and can’t get enough of that nostalgic feeling when you smell the crisp scent of old postcards — then, a Vintage Travel Wedding Theme will be perfect for the both of you.

Think of old suitcases, beautiful vintage tags and maps, old typewriters and compass, chic and stylish tea-length wedding dress and a vintage birdcage veil. This theme aims to evoke nostalgia, the feeling eager longing and familiarity. Fly away together into a blast-from-the-past themed wedding with the Vintage Travel Wedding Theme!

Vintage Travel Wedding 7

photo source: Love My Dress


photo source: We Heart It

Vintage Travel Wedding 13

photo source: Society Bride

Vintage Travel Wedding 2

photo source: Wedding Chicks

Vintage Travel Wedding 9Vintage Travel Wedding 3

photo source: Ruffled, Etsy 

Vintage Travel Wedding 10

photo source: Serendipity Beyond Design

Vintage Travel Wedding 15

photo source: Style Me Pretty

Vintage Travel Wedding 6

photo source: Bridal Guide

Vintage Travel Wedding 12

photo source: HWTM

Vintage Travel Wedding 5Vintage Travel Wedding 4

photo source: Intimate Weddings, Da Vinci Bridal

Vintage Travel Wedding 11

photo source: Style Me Pretty

Vintage Travel Wedding 14

photo source: DIY Bride

Vintage Travel Wedding 1

photo source: Style Me Pretty

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