10 Dainty Engagement Rings You Need to See on Instagram

For those who go by simpler and minimalist tastes, you can find the best rings by going for dainty engagement rings. They’re slim and delicate but still elegant, classy and timeless. So whether you are still shopping for engagement rings, only just starting to set a budget for the ring, or you simply want a dainty ring ‘just because’, sit tight! Instagram is a wondering platform for both consumers and businesses. I know that as a wedding planner, by posting the work I do on my Instagram, anyone interested in my services can easily see what I am capable of and if I fit their needs. I have gained many customers through my Instagram and even know some vendors that grow their Instagram followers with Nitreo so they can reach more people and get a larger audience interested in their services. So, as someone who knows how valuable Instagram can be for small businesses, I’ve decided to post my favorite dainty rings to help you guys find the perfect ring for you and to support fellow businesses in the wedding industry! Be sure to check out any you like the look of.

Remember to look for the trending hashtags if you’re on instagram searching for a specific ring, so enjoy!

1. This pale periwinkle blue sapphire ring from Melanie Casey Fine Jewelry.

2. This pale pink spinel with 2 diamonds ring by Little White Pouch.

3. This black teardrop custom ring by Dandy Ona Jewelry.

4. This stunning octagonal pink tourmaline ring by S. Kind & Co.

5. This sapphire blue beauty by S. Kind & Co.

6. This asymmetrical cluster ring set with meandering white diamonds by Melanie Casey Fine Jewelry.

7. This moonstone + diamond beauty by Liesel Love Jewelry.

8. This one-of-a-kind purple diamond ring by Little White Pouch.

9. This emerald pinky ring by Art in Jewels.

10. This classic diamond ring in white gold by Stud and Stuff.

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