Color Series #27 : Baby Blue + Spicy Mustard

If you ask me, I think blue on the lighter side of the spectrum always deserves a front row seat spot when you talk about “summer colors”. Why not? Blue exudes a cool, calm, soothing vibe. Think of how you feel when you laze on a hot summer day and you look up at the clear blue sky. You felt relaxed, right? Or remember how pacified you felt when you finally saw the azure waters of the sea. Just thinking of the beach makes you feel peaceful already!

So, if you’re still thinking of what color motif to have, here’s a tip. Mix the cooler tranquil shade of Baby Blue with a splash of the uplifting vibrancy of Spicy Mustard and you have a gorgeous color palette that is both soothing and lively! Works perfectly well whether you have an indoor or outdoor wedding. Will be lovely too whether you have a morning, afternoon or early night wedding. What a treat! Yes?

Grab the color palette below and start planning! Enjoy, cherries!

photo source (from top left to right):  Bride+bridal bouquet, Invitation suite, Bride with flower crown, Necklace, Ballerina skirt




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