Vendor Feature: Geof Lagria


Photography by Paopao Sanchez

Geofredo Lagria, or Geof, has always had a keen eye for style and beauty. Evident in each of the many engagement sessions and weddings he had styled, his passion for his craft and creativity shines through. I have yet to see a styling made by him that I don’t like. He has the adept capability to transform the mundane into something awe-worthy. And it just blows my mind how he seems to have this magical touch in making the ordinary into something that is just beyond beautiful.


Photography by Paopao Sanchez 

How he started in the wedding styling business is in itself an inspiration. Originally born in Pampanga, he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree Major in Tourism at Polytechnic University of the Philippines. After some stints in the corporate world, he worked for an international cruise ship where he had a chance to be exposed to the beauty of other countries. This exposure heightened his previous dream of pursuing a career in arts and fashion. He shares, “I was then able to see how fashion and set styling conquers beauty in all aspects of life and that have made me finally decide to change my path into a much greener pasture, to indulge myself to my greatest passion which is — styling.” 

Armed with passion and determination, he quit his career as a seaman and decided to relocate in Cebu. He believed that this magical city has wonders in store for him. And yes, this city has indeed helped him soar — “I was fortunately given a chance by an amazing events coordinator named Mr. Carlo Abaquita and since then I started getting bookings already to style sets of inspiring people whom I have the chance to impart my creativity and fresh approach to styling.” And the rest, as they say, is history.

He starts his day with a cup of coffee, “because that is how I motivate myself, with caffeine!,” he says. And his endless creativity just starts kicking in whenever he begins walking, and in his words, “they just pop out from nowhere…”

So why don’t we start walking with him today cherries and visit the rest of his best styled shoots. Here’s more of the engagement sessions styled by Geof! Enjoy!


Photography by Seph Aparente


Photography by George and Annabelle Busico


Photography by Paopao Sanchez


Photography by Air Balloon Project


Photography by Robo Formacion


Photography by Paopao Sanchez


Photography by Christopher Colinares


Photography by Nath dela Pena


Photography by Rock Paper Scissors Photography


Photography by Jaypee Noche


Photography by Christopher Colinares


Photography by Seph Aparente


Photography by Alvin Asayas


Photography by Beth Lobitana

Get in touch with Geof Lagria through:

Phone:  0933-9222 602


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