Timeless Black and White Wedding Inspiration Shoot

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For someone who adores colors, I was surprised at how smitten I’ve become when I first saw this gorgeous set in contrasting black and white. The lovely play on details made everything work and turn the whole set into something both timeless and magical.

Thanks to the very, very talented Mabby of Wild Reverie and this nostalgic, dreamy commitment ceremony set-up has come to life. Her vision and execution have created a very fine gem of a wedding inspiration. Truly, I am keen and excited to see more of her works in the future.

Here’s what she has to say about this shoot:
“As for what inspired my style, it’s really nothing fancy like a movie set, a trendy subculture, or a bygone era. This commitment ceremony doesn’t have a theme, which i think is okay. My client just wanted it in black and white. I focused on the simple yet timeless elements of what meets the eye.. texture, contrast, depth and the like.

You can see how these subtle things play out in the big picture which is the atmosphere of this set. The soft white florals, the loose airy greens, and the delicate lace runners against the aged stone walls. Accents of brass scattered over the otherwise neutral palette. A cake that wants to be eaten by being gloriously naked. Some incandescent lighting that’s intentionally there so nostalgia begins as soon as they walk in? Yes, I’m deliberate with the details.

Ultimately, what I seek to create is really just a heartfelt ambiance with character. An unforgettable future memory that indulges all the senses.. as if you’re walking into a daydream.”

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See the rest of this timeless piece unfold though the lovely snaps by Shutterfairy Photography! Happy Monday, cherries! xo

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The Dream Team:

Photography: Shutterfairy Photography | Styling: Wild Reverie

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    1. I agree, simple can be tricky to pull-off buf Mabby of Wild Reverie did a great job with the styling! I love how the little details blend well with each other.

  1. Yes! Mabby of Wild Reverie is truly brilliant! And may I add that this was a surprise wedding ceremony decided on a monday, met with mabby on a tuesday and executed on a friday. Mabby is not only a florist/ designer or a coordinator but she’s an artist. she would make sure that every little detail should be perfect for her clients dream come true. Thank You Mabb, for pulling everything off in 3 days! You made me and my wife very very happy!

    1. I can imagine how happy you and your wife are! And yes, I totally agree that Mabby is an artist. Her every output is a work of art. 🙂

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