10 Bridesmaid Styles To Suit Your Wedding Vibe

One of the best way to showcase your wedding vibe is through your wedding style choices — from the way you (and your groom) choose to dress up, to the style you select for your entourage, down to what you write in the invites as dress code for your guests. The reception details alone cannot dictate this. The people attending your wedding contribute a big part in realizing the wedding vibe you want to achieve. If you want to use a wedding photographer or videographer be sure to make them aware of the vibe you are going for. It is also important to find the perfect venue to have these services taken which you can learn more about here.

And because your girls will be taking a major part in your wedding party, it’s best that they are in tune with your theme. But take note that harmonizing their bridesmaid look doesn’t mean it has to be blah or boring. Whether mismatched or matchy-matchy, fabulous or casual, quirky or formal, there are ways to make dressing up a fun and exciting experience for them as well.

Here are some of the best bridesmaid styles to suit your specific wedding vibe.

1. Bright, Bold and Beautiful

Perfect for a bohemian bash drenched in a myriad of vibrant hues. Each of your girls will stand out in their choice of bold colored dress. Pair them up with a simple bouquet like the baby’s breath bunch the girls below are carrying and you’re all set!


Photo: Dustein Sibug Photography | Full wedding here.

2. Flamboyant Flappers

Channel the glitz and glamour in your Roaring ’20s wedding theme with your fabulously dressed flapper girls. It will surely be a one glam night to remember!


Photo: CamZar Photography | Full wedding here.

3. Intimate In White

The beauty of the sun, sea and sand are all you need in your beach wedding so it will be best to just dress up your bridemaids in white dresses to highlight your intimate, serene wedding by the sea. Let your girls carry sea shells in lieu of flowers for that optimal beach vibe.


Photo: Shutterfairy Photography | Full wedding here.

4. Fresh in Florals

Having a morning garden wedding? Dress your bridesmaids in long, flowy dresses with floral prints for that refreshing look!

Pao+Tia_by Nicolai Melicor

Photo: Nicolai Melicor | Full wedding here.

5. Hand-painted Haute Couture

Treat your girls with unique hand-painted dresses for that whimsical vibe that are just perfect for elegant, formal weddings.


Photo: Pat Dy | Full wedding here.

6. Pretty Pastel Dresses

Have your girls dress up in the most eye-candy pastel frocks to brighten up your rainbow inspired wedding. Let them carry happy-colored pinwheels for a more fun atmosphere!


Photo: Drew & Czy of Reflective Chemistry | Full wedding here.

7. Chic and Casual

You don’t have to be in dresses to achieve that perfect bohemian beach look. You can have your girls wear white shorts and sheer sequined tops as their chic, casual and comfortable beach wear. Pair the look with parasols and stems of white orchids to complete that carefree feel.


Photo: Paopao Sanchez Photo | Full wedding here.

8. Dainty in Lovely Lace

What could be daintier than having your bridesmaids wear delicate lace in subdued, neutral hues for your intimate, elegant wedding? Have the dresses in varied cuts, textures and shades for that ultimate mismatched look.


Photo: We Do It For Love | Full wedding here.

9. Cutesy Kindergarten Dresses

This wedding had the cutest kindegarten theme and so the bridesmaids donned the prettiest little girl’s sun dresses. Who says only flower girls can rock these cutesy frocks?


Photo: Vinz Matias of The Rockin Photographers | Full wedding here.

10. Bohemian Beauties

If you’re having the ultimate boho party, let your girls channel the fearless and carefree nature of the bohemian vibe with bold prints and vibrant colored dresses.


Photo: Jeff Garban | Full wedding here.

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