To DIY or not to DIY: 5 Tips Before You DIY Your Wedding

In a country where there is a vast sea of wedding suppliers who would lovingly attend to your every wedding-whim, why, why, why would you even want to DIY your own wedding?

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Here are the WHYs to DIY:
– It is fun
– It channels your creative juices into good use and there are a lot of resources such as that help with DIY ideas.
– You get to experience scouring flea markets and vintage shops/ boutiques for the most unique pieces you could use
– You get to practice those crafty hands and get to show people your hardwork afterwards
– You get to add as much personal touches in your wedding, like some fun custom face stickers to use on the cards and name cards, or table centerpieces with history from your time together, making the occasion even more special

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photo source: Martha Stewart Weddings, Grey Likes Weddings, Ideas

Before you get giddy with excitement, take into heart my 5 Tips:

1. Time Check
DIY-ing your own wedding is not for the faint-hearted. If you think DIY-ing is easy peasy, think again. It is not. So before you decide on this, get that calendar and do the time check. Knowing how much time you have – or how little – gives you an idea on what projects you need to prioritize. Are the mason jars you’ll be coloring for table centerpieces more important than the thousand pieces paper cranes you’ll be using as a reception backdrop? Decide on the doability and number of your projects based on what time you have.

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2. Budget Savvy
Weigh the costs of your projects. Will you be able to save more if you do that pinwheel boutonniere than having it done by a crafts supplier? Believe it or not, some craft supplies are actually expensive especially those sold in bulk and you’ll only be needing a little of this, and a little of that.
Divisoria in Manila is still undoubtedly the crafters haven. Things you cannot get in malls, more or less, can be found here – at a much, much cheaper cost. Surrounding streets around the Quiapo Church in Manila are great sources of all beads imaginable. Flea markets or vintage shops are great sources for unique items you could incorporate in your DIY projects. One of the reason to DIY is to have savings so look around for those best buys.

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photo source: Mango Studios, Say Yes to Hoboken, Trendenser

3. Projects List
Yes, you want to add as much character to your wedding details. I hear you, love – but you can’t do all of it. Choose wisely, select the projects closest to your heart, decide on what you want to highlight, do what you do best and put your selections into a projects list.

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photo source: The Brides Cafe, Wedding Chicks

4. DIY Dream Team
Okay, you did the time check. You still have 7 months or so to execute those in your projects list. You ponder on the doability and you think – “Yes, I can do this. I’ll do all of these by myself.” Okay. Stop right there, sweetheart. Erase that thought – because even if you can, you don’t have to. When the months come closing in, and pressure starts rising, any DIY pending on your list will even drive you nuts. So, to be on the safe side because we want a glowing, fresh and happy bride on THE big day, form a DIY Dream Team. Gather up your most resourceful and creative friends, DIY-party up with your bridesmaids, ask for help from your siblings or even your mom! (my mom did a pretty lot of DIY help for me!) Get as much crafty hands to work pronto, finish the projects early on and just treat those pretty hands with some TLC afterwards, a hand spa or mani would be lovely. After all, those hands worked hard, they deserve some royal treatment!

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photo source: Wedding Chicks, Bridal Musings

5. Decorating Time!
Everything’s set. You and the DIY Dream Team have finished the projects. So whats next? This part is so often forgotten and this is the most crucial one – the Execution. Who will actually put up those buntings and pompoms you painstakingly strung together? Who would place the flowers in your newly colored mason jars? Most definitely not you! And most def not your bridesmaids either. After you have finished with the projects, and after feeling proud of what you’ve accomplished, do not forget to assign someone to put up, put together everything you made. You don’t want anything to be forgotten in the process so assign someone early on, discuss the specifics and how they will execute these. You don’t want those gorg garlands you did for weeks (or for months!) to be actually forgotten and not put into good use because you forgot to assign someone to put it up for you.

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photo source: Glamour and Grace, Wedding Chicks

Ready? Be inspired with some of these lovely DIYs that will make your crafty hands start working! Enjoy! 🙂







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