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What a week! It has been a busy one for me, but nonetheless, am so glad I was able to survive it. 🙂 I am so eager to get back here on the blog and give you all the best wedding inspiration there is.

To start this lovely weekend (oh! how I love just the sound of that!), I am so thrilled to be giving you my very first Vendor Feature (Yay!). I will be starting to scout and give you, my cherries, insights on the best wedding vendors to help you prepare and achieve the magical wedding you deserve! It is just fitting to start this with one of the very important vendors in your wedding team — The Wedding Videographer. Good Wedding Videography can give you so many amazing memories and can even capture moments you might not see in the chaos of the big day. Make sure you look at all the local wedding businesses that offer it to ensure you get the best service.

Jake Olaso Wedding Films, headed by the very talented Jake Olaso himself, has been in the wedding industry for almost 2 years now and is one of the most promising in the wedding videography field. Heartfelt, handmade stories — their wedding films aim to capture the emotions during the wedding day in the most heartfelt and candid manner. They aim to let their audience experience the wedding mood and feel the moments as if they are actually there.

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Jake Olaso Wedding Films team

Asked what inspired him and how he started in the industry, Jake Olaso shares, “I started shooting videos back in highschool (1999) when we are tasked to do school projects that need to have some sort of a video presentation. Back then, we were just playing around with the camera and we really don’t know what is the potential of it. We just shoot and present. Fast forward in college days (2004), we need to make a video again for our school project. This time, I have some knowledge on what we want to shoot and how we like to present it. This sparked my interest in editing videos.”

In 2010, he came across a photography site (yes, Jake was a hobby photographer back then!) and stumbled upon a video section. He watched one video, liked it, watched another one, and started questioning how they do it. He started to be addicted in wedding videos, which he found a tad ironic because he hasn’t attended a wedding in his recent years (except being a ring bearer once upon a time! 🙂 ). Jake was so fascinated on how seasoned wedding videographers do these wedding films and thought if he can do it as well. He shares, “Then I spotted a wedding videography seminar and that’s it. I learned so much and gained new connections that it rocketed me to where I am right now. In 2011, Jake Olaso Wedding Films was born.”

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Getting up-close and personal, I asked him what are the things that most people might not know about you? He answers, “Some people might not know that before becoming a wedding videographer, I was a network engineer. Also, I used to be in a band before and I’m trying to get back to it again. I am also looking forward to getting married to my girlfriend for 7 years! 🙂 “

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So what exactly tingles Jake Olaso’s creative juices, you may ask? He explains, “I sometimes do not believe that I am creative. I am just observant and want to learn new things. I get inspirations from my mentors (they know who they are) and other videographers. Sometimes, I also get inspiration when I am not doing anything – when your mind is open. Often times, while watching movies and a few instances when I hear a certain soundtrack. Then, I imagine what would be the scene perfect for this song.”

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Okay, I know you’re all excited by now to view Jake Olaso’s work! Here are some of his Same Day Edit (SDE) videos that best showcase his videography style. Enjoy! 🙂

Get in touch with Jake Olaso Wedding Films through:
Phone: +63 947 992 6162

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