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In all the years that I have been browsing local and global weddings, there’s this certain photography (and videography) style that always hits home — a beautiful mix of keen eye to awe-inspiring details + timeless snaps of loving moments. Because while I love Pinterest-worthy wedding details, I love it sooo much when those seemingly fleeting happy moments are forever captured in photos and film — that stolen glance, the soft smiles and whispers, those happy tears, and yes, the first kiss. These rare moments happening on your special day are the very reasons your wedding becomes heartfelt, intimate and real.

And as I always, always say it here, it’s very important to choose your photo and video team wisely because these moments, once passed, are forever gone. So make sure to invest in the right people who can capture the beauty and love on your big day.

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Peach Frost Studio, composed of a husband and wife duo, loves to tell stories though photographs and film. Cheska captures the stills while her husband is in charge of capturing the motion. The first time I get to browse their shots, I immediately loved how they capture details. They do it in an artistic yet simple way, making each shot crisp and clutter-free. But when I continued to browse their works, I noticed that they also love to capture smiles and those sweet, magical moments that happen only in weddings.

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What makes this two so special is that, they not only love what they do, but they also fill each other’s holes. They have perfected a way to work in harmony, supplying what the other lacks. And their favorite part of the wedding? The personal vows. It never fails to give them a boost to see how in love their couples are. They find every wedding they capture rewarding.

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So if you’re looking for a photographer + videographer who can capture both lovely details + loving moments in a subtle yet moving way, then check out Peach Frost Studio work today and see if they are your perfect fit.

Contact no. : 09999361564 / 09298693390
Instagram: peachfroststudio
Whatsapp: 00639999361564

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  1. Two brave hearts. One ceremony. A lifetime journey. What you have been waiting for has finally arrived. Do not be afraid of what awaits you there. Remember, you are not alone now. Act as a team. My prayers are always with you. Again, congratulations! Best wishes and more power.

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