Bespoke Wedding Invitations by Basic Invite

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Wedding invitations and stationery can immediately set the vibe of your wedding. As soon as you send these to your guests, they already get the idea of what the tone and feel they will be expecting on your big day. Whether you go for a theme that’s rustic or quirky, vintage or modern, it’s super important that your invites communicate this clearly.

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So thrilled to share with you that Basic Invite, a small and passionate team of invitations geniuses, has been creating and customizing invitations and stationery since 2006. They’ve been in this industry for so long that they have already come up with so many options and innovations using technology to create that bespoke wedding invitation for you.

I have rounded up 7 awesome reasons why you should consider Basic Invite as the perfect wedding invitations partner:

1.  They offer over 180 color options on each and every invitation design.

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That’s a lot. When you are meticulous and want things spot on, having lots and lots of options in colors is a big plus. So suit yourself and mix match colors to find the color palette you want!

2.  Instant preview of all the designs with your information.

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So you want to see how your invitation would look like, right? Valid. I would l-o-v-e that option too! Basic Invite lets you instantly preview the invitation with your information and colors, even the designs with beautiful script fonts. How cool is that?! Very! It’s great to be able to see exactly what the invites would look like once they’re printed.

3.  Option to design a cohesive look across all of your wedding items.

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The thing with weddings is that there are other stationery items you need. With Basic Invite, you have the option to use the design, colors and font you have on your Wedding Invitation to your other wedding items like Save the Date Cards, Stacked Enclosure Cards, Pocket Folders, Colored Envelopes, Envelope Liners, Wedding Programs, and Thank You Cards.

4.  You can sample your entire wedding suite.

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You can order a Truly Custom™ sample with your names, photos, and colors. Oh, you can even sample your entire wedding suite! This option will save you money as it will let you see and experience first hand a sample of your actual invitation before you order dozens of copies.

5.  The peel & seal envelopes will save you countless time.

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No need to lick lots of envelopes, no need for glues. Their peel and seal envelopes will save you that much precious time you need.

6.  New real gold and silver foil invitations, brand new Guest Books, and real wood invitations coming soon!

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I’m quite excited for their upcoming products specially the real gold foil invitations! Oh, just to add that much needed sparkle! Or if you’re having a rustic theme, their real wood invitations would be a superb wedding detail. They will be releasing these brand new invitations soon, so make sure to check back for those!

7.  Discounts!

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Now, don’t we all love this? They currently have 15% off everything on their site. Use code 15FF51 at checkout to get the discount. Sweet, right?

Now, go! Visit their site here and start creating your bespoke wedding invitation! ♥

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