Bridesmaid Style : Reem Acra Resort 2014 Collection

Reem Acra Resort 2014_3

I have been frequenting the shopping malls lately, and if there’s one thing I have noticed — besides the obvious holiday rush — it is the undeniable festive vibe among the holiday shoppers. So I thought, what perfect timing to show you the Reem Acra‘s Resort 2014 collection, which is by far the most festive collection I’ve yet seen. Carrying a youthful vibe and the “signature sophisticated look with a more playful attitude,” this collection can actually be the perfect bridesmaid style for your girls. Fresh, vibrant, sexy and youthful, I’m sure your maids will glow with beauty and glee with any of the dresses in this set.

This collection has bits and pieces of my most favorite deets ever —  it has sparkles, it has lace, and the colors are just how i love ’em — bright and vibrant (shades of red, hibiscus, grass green, and sky blue, anyone?).

Oh, I won’t hold you any longer. Be ready to be mesmerized — the Reem Acra Resort 2014 collection is just L-O-V-E. ♥ ♥ ♥

Reem Acra Resort 2014_1

Reem Acra Resort 2014_2

Reem Acra Resort 2014_6

Reem Acra Resort 2014_11

Reem Acra Resort 2014_12

Reem Acra Resort 2014_20

Reem Acra Resort 2014_16

Reem Acra Resort 2014_22

Reem Acra Resort 2014_24

Reem Acra Resort 2014_25

Reem Acra Resort 2014_26

Reem Acra Resort 2014_29

View the full collection from the gallery below.

The Photo Gallery:

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