Movie Monday: The Odd Life of Timothy Green

I always thought this movie to be refreshingly adorable. It’s one of those feel-good movies that reminds you that there are magical moments happening around us. It makes us believe that miracles happen right before our eyes everyday, and that there is good that unravels in the least moment we expect.


photo source: IMDB

While this movie will remind you of Autumn, because of the prominent colors in the film, I thought I’d rather limit the color inspiration to just the greens and the white. It’s a clean slate that will look refreshing and cool. Quite a perfect palette for an intimate, outdoor wedding in any of the cold months of the year. Florals will be used sparingly, only as to add a little color like the minimal use of wild flowers in the tablescape below. I imagine the bride to wear something flowy, something comfortable. She is one with nature, so her look would be nymph-like. Of course, her littlest flower girls will follow suit in their breezy white summer dresses.
The wedding inspiration that this movie evokes is that of cool, calm and chic; of being at peace and in tune with nature, and of bringing out the good in everyone. Steal all these into your wedding and it will surely radiate positivity!


photo source (from left to right): Wedding dress, Wedding cake, Flower girl, Leaf escort cards, Rustic tablescape

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