Tine and Adrin’s Sunshine and Lace Wedding by Manny and April Photography


After experiencing strong winds and lots of rain this week, I think we all deserve a little sunshine, don’t we? So while we can’t get the actual thing just yet, I’m bringing you today a sunshine-y wedding, filled with happy smiles and lovely little details touched by dainty lace appliques in sunny yellow and navy blue palette.

But aside from all the pretty deets, what’s so special about today’s wedding is we get to read the inspirations and all the L-O-V-E from the couple, Adrin and Tine. They will talk about how they met, how he popped THE question, and what a joyous wedding day they had.

Get ready for some serious “love” storytelling, cherries. Adrin and Tine’s wedding will definitely light up any gloomy day! Enjoy!

From the groom Adrin, on first meeting Tine:

“It didn’t start with me falling in love with her at first sight, and me sweeping her off her feet. Ours is a story built on a foundation of good friendship, quality time together and a lot of joyful conversations.”

“Over the months, Tine and I became really good friends. Together with our other new hire friends, we would go out for lunches, practice for new hire ‘talent shows,’ organize team meetings and even prepare small birthday surprises for each other. One time, we went to Laiya, Batangas for an overnight trip. That night, we played Spin-The-Bottle-Truth-Or-Dare, and the question for me was: ‘If you had to, who would you court in office?’ I really thought about it, and I answered ‘Tine’. She’s cute, nice and, best of all, witty. I really enjoyed the conversations I had with her. After a few spins, it was Tine’s turn to be asked: ‘If someone from the office were to court you, who would you hope it would be?’ She answered ‘Adrin’ . I thought then that she was just being courteous and funny. But it was one of those turning points in our love lives.”

Adrin+Tine-Church (12)

“It was almost habit that Tine and I walk together after office towards Ayala MRT station to catch our ride home. It’s a 15-minute walk but it always seemed like a breeze because the moments are filled with stories, laughter and random joyful conversations. It was during one of our walks in December 2008, 4 months after Tine and I met, that I decided to make the leap and ask her out.”

“Weeks before, I already had this uneasy feeling towards Tine. ‘Hindi ko alam kung nasosobrahan lang ako sa kape. Pero minsan, bumibilis ang tibok ng puso kapag nakikita ko si Tine.’ This was an honest and heartfelt statement that I confided to our female office friends.”

“It was January 21, 2009, after watching Jim Carrey’s “Yes Man,” that Tine and I declared that it was officially ‘us’. The conversation went something like this… —

Adrin: “Tayo na ba?”

Tine: “Ewan ko.”

Adrin: “OK, tayo na nga. So, date na lang ang kulang… Gusto mo i-set natin sa Feb 14?”

Tine: “Wag, cheesy masyado.”

Adrin: “Ok sige, ngayon na nga lang.”


From the bride Tine, on Adrin’s marriage proposal:

“Pulling off surprises is something Adrin is not good at. I, discovering his attempts on surprising me can be charged to various things – ranging from my nosiness, to his overwhelming excitement to tell me about it prematurely, or just a random minor accident. Who would have thought that wearing our IDs before getting into our office building will spill the beans for him?!”

Adrin+Tine-Preps (49)

“I had the idea about the whole proposal thing on December 2011 when my ring, which he sneaked out, accidentally got caught in his ID’s lace and dropped on the floor right in front of me. That served as THE surprise. I completely had no idea that my friendship ring was with him. I thought it was just lying around somewhere at home. He must’ve seen how stunned I was after picking up that little thing which rolled to my foot. As soon as I recognized it, there’s no denying that I instantaneously supposed he’s on the move. I love that ring, it reminds me of the one my friend had bought from Jacobs The Jeweller … such an elegant piece. That’s what inspired me to get one very similar!”


“I did not exactly made the following days and weeks easy for him. Even when he flew for a two-week business trip, I would tease him about it. I’d take every chance there was, to bug and convince him to just tell me the whole story. But no explanation or prying from me made him completely let go of the surprise thing. I believe he still supposes that everything is not lost just yet.”

“With two upcoming occasions, our 3rd anniversary in January and Valentine’s Day on February, I knew that the proposal didn’t have to wait any longer (Yes, I was that presumptuous. Haha). We decided for a day trip to Tagaytay-Nasugbu area for our anniversary. I made the reservations, with his approval of course, and planned how our day will go. The day came and I felt excited and anxious at the same time. It ought to be a totally relaxing day for us but at the back of my head I’m also nervous should he actually do his whole thing. We headed out, enjoyed really good food and had a relaxing massage. As our day was coming to a close, and without any sign of THE event, I thought to myself that maybe today is not the day and it will come some other time.


“When we got home, we’re both amazed to learn that my whole family brewed a little surprise. I hurried him out of the car to check what’s in store for us as we opened our front door. We saw our pictures and balloons all over while everyone happily greeted us to share a toast to the occasion. A little chit chats here and there, and then we decided to get all the goodies we left in the car. My cousins and I were outside, waiting for Adrin to come and open the car, before we heard someone scream from the house. Curiously I walked in and peeped by the window to see what’s happening. There I saw Adrin talking to my mom and my aunts, and heard my aunt say ‘Si Ate Baby ang makakasagot niyan.’ Realizing what I saw, I immediately stepped back and went outside again while my cousins excitedly joined everyone else inside.

I was there standing all alone by his car with my throbbing chest, and in my head I can only hear ‘Oh my gosh, oh my gosh! This is it! This is it!’ After a few very long minutes, they finally went out again. My cousins have this certain smile plastered on their faces, Adrin was half-serious and half-smiling, while me trying to put on my poker face. Haha. We took all the goodies inside the house, had a few pictures taken, and settled down. One by one my family disappeared until it was just us two left in the living room. We recalled how our day went and he soon followed it with his lines while motioning to go down on one knee. Tears instantly streamed down my face, but I still took the chance to tease him a bit and gave a few laughs. Before he got to actually pop the question, we were surrounded by everyone again. He asked me, and with a few nods and a sheepish voice, I said YES. Adrin got to execute his whole idea after all.”


From the bride Tine, on their wedding day:

“Ours was a simple budget wedding with lots of dedication and love. For one, we prepared for it for almost 2 years and we truly devoted our time and effort to put in as much personal touch as we can. One of our biggest projects would be our invitations. We personally bought huge paper boards and had them cut into usable sizes. After which, actual production and lay outing commenced. Aside from that, other stationery items were also DIY-ed. We also opted to have a personalized wedding cord, matches, and bible.”

Adrin+Tine-Preps (4)

“As a bride, the most memorable part would be facing the huge doors of San Agustin and waiting for them to swung open. I felt back then that the moment would take to my new life and there was no turning back. But the highlight I would say was when we dance a medley of waltz, boogie, and finally the Whoops Kiri. Everyone was surprised because for sure it was something that they did not expect given that Adrin and I were no dancers.” 🙂








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The Photo Gallery:

The Dream Team:

Photography: Manny and April Photography | Photo and Videography: Ariel Javelosa (Sir Mel’s Team) | Church: San Agustin Church | Venue: Grandview Events Place | Hotel Preps: Diamond Hotel | Caterer: Josiah’s Catering | Coordination: Kiss the Girl Events | Bridal Gown: Hana Saab Tomacruz | Entourage Gowns: Jeff House of Fashion | Groom’s and Male Entourage’s Attire: EA Casedo’s Embroidery | Groom’s Shoes: Bradford Shoes | Bride’s Shoes: Faire La Fete | Wedding Rings: Goldenhills Jewellery | Emcee: Darlene Tan-Salazar | HMUA: Val Villarin | Flowers: Scenta Creations | Cake: Cakeline (included in Josiah’s package) | Bridal Car: Adeb Enterprises | Mobile Bar: GQ Mobile Bar | Lights Supplier: LST Mobile | Photoman: Studio on Wheels | Giveaways: The Fruit Garden | Custom Hangers: Hangers by Hannah | Cake Topper: Luckycharmz Clay and Accessories

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