Happy Birthday, Baby


“Hi, baby. Hi, Benedict!”

Those were my first words to you last year. Yes. Last year. How fast time flies, huh. That cliche never mattered to me before until now. Every night, I kiss you good night, whisper I love you and listen to your peaceful breathing — for one whole year now. I didn’t even notice.

Everyday I look at you with new eyes, and seeing you grow up fast was both amazing and sad. Amazing at how can a tiny little bub, fitted on my chest has grown up so quickly — I’m even having a hard time carrying you now. And sad because yes, time flies so mighty fast I know one day you’ll be just my big baby who would refuse mommy’s sweet kisses. But I hope you don’t. I really hope you don’t, because mommy will always try to kiss you. smile emoticon

You have been daddy and mommy’s sweet miracle, our greatest gift. And everyday, every time we look at you, you remind us that you are our joy and our reason to strive for the best. Because yes dear baby, we would move earth and heaven just to give you the comfortable, secure life you deserve. All because we love you dearly — to the moon and back.

You may not remember your first birthday when you grow up, but we will. Always. Just as we would always remember all your birthdays to come. Because each new year is a reminder that God has gifted us a miracle, that God has gifted us our joy.

Happy birthday, baby. Happy birthday, Benedict. I love you so, so much. I hope you grow up to be a good man with a good heart. I know you will. I’m sure. Mommy just needs to give you her birthday wish. smile emoticon smile emoticon smile emoticon


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