Raf & Kid’s Post-Apocalyptic Engagement in Singapore

It is truly inspiring whenever I get to see couples decide to DIY their weddings or pre-wedding photo shoots. We all know that the road of DIY-ing is not an easy way to tread. Such is my respect for those few who choose this road. Though in most parts uneasy and time-consuming, I must say that DIY-ing, in the end, has its own big wins and rewards.

Imagine my awe when Kid and Raf shared their DIY pre-wedding photo shoot in Singapore. They had this out of the box post-apocalyptic theme in mind and carried out everything by themselves! Well, except for the flowers and the make-up, Kid and Raf did everything! I am floored! It’s not everyday that we get to see something as raw and authentic as this.

Here’s what Raf has to say about how the preparations and how the actual photo shoot went about. Make sure to read every word because she really did a fab job in detailing how they prepared for this. I’m sure we’ll be learning a lot, so read on!

“Kid & I work in Singapore. I work in a hospital and Kid in an architectural firm. Both of us joined this mountaineering group, KALASAG, but he was an older member than me. Since I was new, I joined most of the recent climbs conducted by the group at Malaysia and during that time he wasn’t that active anymore.”

“Whenever we have activities/climbs/gatherings, this mountaineering group post it at Facebook, and that’s where Kid saw me. Kalasag also gave me the opportunity to meet other people and gave me the chance to become a vocalist in my band now, we named it SAEJI. At that time, Kid was already into his photography, he proposed that he will shoot our band. That moment gave us the chance to talk through Facebook Messenger and he asked me to become his subject on his lay back theme photo shoot. When we did the photo shoot, I was so comfortable around him, he was so gentle and professional. I borrowed his polo shirt for the photo shoot and that polo shirt was one of the bridge for us to meet again. The meet-ups become frequent and he always accompanied me during my gigs until he confessed his feelings towards me,months passed by and we became a couple.”

“Kid always thinks outside the box, he doesn’t focus much on trends. He thinks of a concept and he thinks through until the smallest details. He also prefers to work alone, so during his proposal, he didn’t want to ask for our friend’s favor, he collected some of our video from our trips and used (that) on his proposal <check out their proposal video below!>.”

“I was the luckiest girl and who was I to say no. On our engagement shoot, he thought of a theme that is out of ordinary and this post apocalyptic theme came across his mind. He thought all from my make-up, to his clothes and props. One of the challenges we encountered was finding the most appropriate location. Since Singapore was highly urbanized, we couldn’t find the perfect location for our concept. We even considered haunted mansions to shoot. We did some online research and came across this beautiful farm away from the central district.”

“Our concept was basically budget friendly. We bought my dress at Baguio Ukay for P12.50 ($0.5). His clothes at Carousell (online ukay here in Singapore) for $3.
Our flowers was beautifully made by one of our talented friend, Karla Pundaodaya. She was also excited about our concept and volunteered to make the bouquet and headpiece as a project. She never charged us for that as she says she was just playing around. My HMU was professionally done by a Filipino make-up artist here in Singapore, Rose Glindro. During the shoot tripod and remote control was our best friend since we DIY our shoot. Then later on, we called some of our friends to take the laying pose.”

“DIY was never easy, all the efforts are all from Kid. He needs to run towards the camera to check if it’s angled correctly, the seconds later he needs to run again to pose. Editing the photos was easy for him since he already pictured everything in his mind. When he was editing the pictures, I can see that he was happy on what he was doing and that makes me happy as well. I have realized that whatever you are doing, you need to put all your efforts at it, and everything will turn out the way you want it to be. I have learned from Kid to focus more and to stick to whatever concept you are looking at. Being a girl, and open to Pinterest, ideas will literally drown you.”

“I hope our imagination continue to inspire other imaginations as well.”

Congratulations, Kid and Raf! Thank you for sharing the love and inspiring us with this remarkably impressive set! Cheers!

Don’t forget to watch the proposal video made by Kid!

The Dream Team:

Photography: Kid Soltis (the groom-to-be) | Location: Singapore | Attire: Couple’s own | Flowers: Karla Pundaodaya | HMUA: Rose Glindro


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