Color Series #26 : Ultra Violet + Pink + Gold

Inventive and imaginative; complex and contemplative. This is how Pantone describes their chosen color of 2018, the Ultra violet. It symbolizes non-conformity and experimentation, a perfect color for individuals who like to push boundaries, the right hue for those who love to explore novelties.

Mix this mystical color with romantic rose quartz and metallic gold, and you have a color palette that has boldness and warmth. This is perfect for intimate gatherings with friends and family, set in a unique indoor reception like in a museum or an industrial chic venue, perhaps? Just what you need for a celebration of a fascinatingly romantic night of love.

photo source (from top left to right): Delicate lilac wedding gown, Deep violet bridal bouquet, Leaf gold ring, Cocktail drinks, Wedding invitation, Geode inspired cake

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