Karel & Sean’s Pre-Wedding Film by Treehouse Story

There’s something about poetry that touches the soul; how it speaks of our innermost thoughts, of our deepest hopes and desires. It is a written song with words weaved together to create a beautiful harmony.

Poetry is beauty.

Poetry is life.

Poetry is love.

Watch Karel and Sean’s beautiful poetry put into motion. Feel the rawness of the emotions. Let your tears fall. Laugh. Breathe in all the love. Experience every single hint of life’s realness and of the moving power of love.

This is awesome Treehouse Story. This is absolutely awesome.

The Dream Team:

Videography: Treehouse Story | Locations: Bataan/ Camaya Coast/ Dillingers 1903 Steak & Brew | Make-up: Mariah Camaya Santos | Styling: Tipping Point Collective | Gown: Von Lazaro

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