Bridal Spring 2019: Vera Wang

If there’s one thing that ultimately stands out in the Vera Wang Bridal Spring 2019, it must be the overflowing amount of artistry poured into the collection. That, and not a single sight of the traditional white bridal gown. And why not? Vera Wang continues to push boundaries and will not play by anyone’s rules after all.

Vera Wang chose to focus on COLOR for Bridal Spring 2019, selecting between ranges of vibrant hues like reds, pinks, yellows and purples that are mixed with a sand or nude base. Most of the dresses were tulle-heavy, had tufts of colorful overlays, hefty floral embellishments and hand-painted details.¬†‘I wanted to explore translucency and movement, and obviously color, but in a new way,’ she told Vogue, ‘in order to ignore certain “bridal” dictum, like white, beading, acres of lace, and traditional ball skirts.’ The collection was inspired by the canvasses of the Dutch master Johannes Vermeer + the costumes of the Ballets Russes. And to achieve the ‘luminous, painterly effect’ that she needs, she delivers by having¬†Rebecca Moses hand-paint the ballgowns in various bold, bursting colors. The outcome was a collection that was anything but traditional. It was beauty and romanticism redefined.

Yet another iconic collection for Vera Wang and truly, there’s no stopping her being at her finest.

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